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  • Blog Post: MSBuild tracing using MSBUILDDEBUGCOMM

    [This blog was written by my colleague: Prabhat Tandon] We know that building in parallel feature is not new in MSBuild. Here is how it works. When we start a build using IDE/command-line options, the first instance or the parent MSBuild instance starts. The project / solution dependency graph...
  • Blog Post: Having common intermediate directory causes all project targets to be deleted

    While debugging one of my customers’ scenarios, we came across an interesting issue were if we ‘ rebuild’ the application we get a warning for a missing file, and for the same application when we ‘ build ’ everything works fine. All this occurs only in VS2010 and not...
  • Blog Post: Output from Exec task resulting in build failure

    [Notice: This blog is based on Visual Studio 2010 SP1] One of our customers sometime back came to us with a strange issue. They were facing the following error as shown in below screenshot… The source of the error was from an MSBuild task they had. This is how the task looks… <snip>…...
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