The Microsoft MVP Tomas Petricek has been continuing his exploration of F# LINQ-style quotations to implement a first cut at an F# CodeDom provider, with a view to building entire web applications in F# alone.  He's posted a blog entry on The Hub (n.b. you currently have to register with The Hub for this entry):

I was recently working on CodeProvider for the F# language, which is a class that generates source code from given CodeDom code representation. I wanted to implement it, because ASP.NET 2.0 uses CodeDom to generate source (from ASPX files) that is together with manually written F# code behind files compiled into web application binaries. This means that with F# CodeProvider you can write ENTIRE web application in F# (including in-line code enclosed in <% ... source code ... %>).

I posted this to the internal discussion first, to get some feedback before I make it public. Also, thanks to everybody who helped me by answering my questions in the F# mailing list.