Mary J Foley has a nice article on F# at RedmondDeveloperDominic Cooney was one of the people interviewed:

At the moment, the F# project garnering most of Cooney's attention is the compiler for a research language, known as GPSL, which is a concurrent language with direct support for Web services and embedded XML query, he says.

But, as "F# is my language of choice for programming on Windows, pretty much any Windows programming I do is in F#," Cooney notes. "F# is easy to write and read because it's succinct. F# type inference makes it easier to write programs. You get all the benefits of static type checking, [like] finding mistakes early, and a lot of the benefits of dynamic languages: clean syntax, not having to puzzle over names for types.

"In short: I find programming in F# quicker, simpler and more powerful than anything else, and it plays really nicely in the .NET world," Cooney says.

 There's follow up discussion too: if you've been working with F# you might like to post there.

Now, back to preparing the next F# release!