Hi all,

I'm glad to announce the availability of F# It's available for download from this link:


This is in general a bug fix release over, with some exceptions

  • We've added two great new features:
    • Overloaded numeric conversion functions. The functions int, float, float32 etc. now overloaded conversion operators. For example, you can replace Int32.of_float and Int32.of_int64 and all similar operators that convert to int by just int (or int32, which is equivalent). Likewise for sbyte, byte, int16, uint16 int32, uint32, int64, uint64, nativeint, unativeint, float, float32, single, double.
    • Checked arithmetic Open Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators.Checked to get checked arithmetic versions of +, -, * and the above conversion operators.
  • We've updated the FLinq sample The FLinq sample has been updated to use the technique outline in Don Syme's ML Workshop LINQ paper from 2006. More details to follow in blog entries.
  • We've moved to an MSI installer for this release. This is to fix numerous installation problems with the previous Zip based installer. We will be making a ZIP available for Mono users of the compiler in due course
  • The --quotation-data flag is now deprecated (it does nothing). Instead you must explicitly label any code for which you want the definition available at runtime as a quotation term with the [<ReflectedDefinition>] attribute.

Bugs fixed:

895		"type" links broken on F# manual pages online
893		unicode lex bug 0x800 - 0x7ff
894		file hashes not being added to assembly resouce 
900		--quotation-data flag problems causing problems for many things in F# Interative from Visual Studio
903		catch and report exceptions on user threads without killing fsi
907		quotation API TopDefnData should use an Assembly value.
909		Add Seq.cache_all
910		Seq.filter is broken on 64-bit
911		Fast F# cannot be unset, and should be ignored anyway
898		Invisible error location information reported in Visual Studio
912		{} still gives tyref_of_stripped_typ
914		Pattern matching code causes NullReferenceException
913		Nested enums not showing up under intellisense, e.g. System.Environment.SpecialFolder
904		explicit instantiation of generic type not found
905		Intellisense failure for static method in generic collection class
918		Poor error when generic type given the wrong number of type arguments
916		Should not be printing to stderr on "fsi --exec"
915	Add updated LINQ sample
923	Add Array2.rebase
922	Use arity-based overloading for collection types Tagged.Set, Tagged.Map, Tagged.HashSet, Tagged.HashMultiMap