Today is an exciting day for the F# team. The Corporate VP for the Microsoft Developer Division, S. Somasegar, has announced the formation of a team to take F# forward. This will be a partnership with the current F# team at Microsoft Research. This is a huge step for us and we believe a great step forward for programming more generally.

As part of this, I'm very pleased to welcome Jomo Fisher and Luke Hoban to the F# team, joining James Margetson and myself. Jomo and Luke have years of experience in compiler implementation and language delivery. They are also a real pleasure to work with and we're looking forward to the years ahead.

Looking ahead, we'll be initially focused on putting the finishing touches on "V1" of the language design, improving the compiler, tools and Visual Studio project system, completing the language specification and augmenting F# with the libraries and tools needed to make it truly powerful in application areas particularly suited to functional programming.

Many thanks to all those in the F# community who have helped bring the language to this point. This marks the "end of the beginning" for F#, and we're looking forward to the times ahead!