Hi all,

An update to the F# 1.9.3 release has been posted to the Microsoft Research Downloads site. Additional changes between1.9.3.7 and are:

  • Constructed classes may now be mutually recursive with other types, fixing an incompletness in the language implementation
  • The Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Func module is deprecated (this contained a few rarely used functions related to function values themselves)
  • The prefix operators "%" and "%%" have been added as ASCII-equivalent for Unicode section marker operators used for splicing into quoted expressions (i.e. for data binding into quotation expressions).
  • Some additional identifiers in Pervasives have now been marked with the 'OCaml compatibility' attribute. We recommend people cross compiling with OCaml use --no-warn 62. [ Note: this may be a bit verbose for those cross-compiling F# code with OCaml and using these APIs heavily. In the next release we expect this warning will be off for all files ending in extension ".ml". ]
  • Bug fixes, including some installation and documentation bugs