I can't believe I missed posting about this - F# for Scientists is now out!

I haven't got my hardcopy just yet, but I read a draft of this book, and was really very impressed. The 3D visualization chapter is stunning in its simplicity and power, the parallel programming techniques presented are simple and powerful, and the examples of interoperating with Mathematica, MATLAB and using web databases opened gateways to the crucial information sources and tools that form a significant part of modern science.

Here's a snippet from an Amazon review attributed to Jamie Bernadin, CTO of Data Synapse:

All round outstanding. I wish more books were written at this level of quality. While this book can be used by anybody that wants to get up to speed with F#, it's also well suited for use as a text book for an undergraduate course in applied math or computer science (or reference for a graduate course). It's well organized, well written, and draws from classic examples in mathematical computing. ...If you enjoy this type of stuff, it's an absolutely pleasure to read - logical in flow and well articulated.  ... a must-have book if you're doing anything with F# - or just considering it.

Furthermore, the soon-to-be-released F# CTP will have some ground-breaking features for added power and correctness in programming in these domains - watch this space for more :-)