On behalf of Microsoft Research Connections, I'm very glad to announce the arrival of the "go live" edition of the Try F# website!

TryF# is a new tool from Microsoft Research Connections that enables the learning of the F# programming language in an interactive browser-based environment. TryF# makes F# accessible to users with Windows and Macs when using common browsers, and the team are actively working on Linux support as well.

TryF# also has an online training tool to introduce users to F# and it provides a portal for information about the language and its growing community, linking them through Facebook and Twitter. TryF# was developed by Microsoft Research Connections Engineering and Computer Science teams, in collaboration with Microsoft Research Cambridge, and the Visual Studio F# development team.

Go to www.tryfsharp.org 

We welcome feedback on the experience, content and utility of the site. And please do send a link to this site to academics, developers or industrialists who would like to learn some F# programming from the comfort of their browser. 

On behalf of the TryF# team

Judith Bishop, Director, Computer Science

Dennis Harding, Program Manager

Microsoft Research Connections

Redmond, USA