The next New York City F# Meetup Group has been announced! Keith Battocchi will be talking on "Putting F# to Work for You"



Putting F# to Work for You

Abstract: In this talk, you'll learn see how F# makes it easy to express complicated algorithms with simple code, rapidly scale from interactive prototyping to full applications, and interoperate with useful .NET libraries. You'll also see how F#'s integration into Visual Studio provides a first class developer experience, and learn several simple techniques for gradually incorporating F# into your daily workflow.

Bio:  Keith Battocchi is a contractor working with the F# team in the Programming Principles and Tools group of Microsoft Research, where he is contributing templates, samples, and guidance to make it easier to do data-rich programming with F#.   Keith has been using F# enthusiastically since 2007, and answers many F#-related questions on under the handle  kvb.