Lately, I've noticed quite a few people engaging with questions concerning design patterns and F# programming. I think this is a great endeavour. This question can be approached in a number of ways.:

  • How do object-oriented design patterns look when coded in F#?   
  • How do the principles of design patterns apply to F# design?


In the first category, just in the last few days we've had F# examples of the Chain of responsiblity pattern, the Decorate pattern, the Observer pattern, the Strategy pattern, the State pattern, and a bunch of other examples posted under the Design Patterns tag over on F# Snippets. 

In the second category, today there's an article today over on the Moirae Software blog on SOLID and its relevance to F#.

If you have more links to articles or code samples discussing these topics, please feel free to post them in the comments seciton.