[ Note: before using the Freebase demo in the ZIP you may need to remove the "mark of the web" from all DLLs in the extracted ZIP, see this blog post on error code 0x80131515 ]

Some people have been asking for the demo scripts from the F# 3.0 talk at BUILD in order to give talks about F# 3.0. I’m attaching these. These samples are really only for trialling the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. The samples will not run without adjustments on any later releases of Visual Studio.

Plese let me know if there are problems

  • Demo\TwitterFeed\TwitterFeed.fsx  - the standard twitter feed histogram sample I use to introduce functional programming with F# 2.0
  • Demo\ScriptSamples\netflix.fsx– the OData Netflix sample

  • Demo\ScriptSamples\sqlconnection.fsx – the LINQ-to-SQL sample

  • Demo\ScriptSamples\builtin.fsx – mini OData, LINQ-to-SQL, LINQ-to-Entities and WSDL samples

  • Demo\ScriptSamples\webdata.fsx – the web data store sample
  • Demo\MonsterMovieHouse – a very simple ASP.NET application which uses OData to access Netflix, based on the standard template

Some notes:

  • Watch the F# 3.0 talk at BUILD first, and read all about F# 3.0, and use the standard walkthroughs before using these demo scripts.
  • You will need to adjust the path to the NORTHWND.MDF database depending on your ZIP location.
  • Most the samples rely on web connectivity for schema or data access.
  • The WebData sample often takes a long time to load the schema on first use, this is due to an indexing isssue with the data provider


      If you want to write a type provider, see

Writing F# Type Providers with the F# 3.0 Developer Preview - An Introductory Guide and Samples


We welcome your feedback.