Microsoft Research are accepting applications for internships at our research lab in Cambridge, UK, for internships in Summer 2014.

Applicants must currently be pursuing a Masters or PhD in Computer Science. More details on applying can be found here:

This year, I personally am particularly interested in sponsoring internship applications in one or more of the following areas

  • Applying experimental type systems and type-provider mechanisms to evolving schemas in scalable data sources such as massive entity graphs (Freebase, the Google Knowledge Graph, Microsoft Satori).
    • This work would focus on the temproal evolution of schemas in a range of type-provider integrated information sources. It could emphasize either theory or implementation, depending on your interests.


  • Developing production-quality type providers for Hadoop and/or other scalable data processing systems, based on prototypes we already have.
    • This work would focus on implementation, testing, quality and delivery, plus some design of language-integrated programming and query models for Hadoop or other scalable data systems


  • Visual Studio tooling for F#.
    • This work would be implementation-oriented and focus on community-focused design and implementation of additional Visual Studio tooling for F#. 

All candidates are expected to be highly self-motivated and able to pursue a line of investigation or implementation through to delivery.

Please have your applications submitted by Sunday, 21 February, 2014.