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  • Blog Post: More C#/.NET Generics Research Project History - The MSR white paper from mid-1999

    A bit more C#/.NET generics research project history. Attached is the "Ext-VOS" white paper from back in 1999. We passed this around to many Project-7 members at the time. Way back in the dark, dark days of object-oriented fundamentalism (i.e. the 1990s), for the big, typed languages like Java...
  • Blog Post: Some more .NET/C# Generics Research Project History

    Another history email, discovered while poking around for some old image files. There are some other entries in this series here . In any case, In 2004 I sent around a note to our research lab about our coding work on .NET generics. It began: I am enormously relieved to announce that the Cambridge...
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