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  • Blog Post: Demo Scripts from the F# 3.0 BUILD talk

    [ Note: before using the Freebase demo in the ZIP you may need to remove the "mark of the web" from all DLLs in the extracted ZIP, see this blog post on error code 0x80131515 ] Some people have been asking for the demo scripts from the F# 3.0 talk at BUILD in order to give talks about F# 3.0 . I’m...
  • Blog Post: FSharp.Charting - Wrapping the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting Charting Types (was FSharpChart)

    [ Edit: The latest version of FSharp.Charting can be found here ] I'm just back from giving an F# talk at Microsoft TechDays in Sweden, which was a very enjoyable trip. One of the things I show in my talks these days is the use of the .NET 4.0 charting controls with F# to display some data from...
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