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  • Blog Post: F# Team Blog: F# Console Application Template

    The F# Team Blog reports that Carl Nolan has written another great online template .
  • Blog Post: A Simple Windows Service Template for F#

    Happy days! Carl Nolan is flying along with templates for F# programming - we now have a Simple Windows Service template up on Visual Studio gallery ! From Carls' blog: This template provides several projects elements: A MyService.fs and Program.fs source file providing the service elements...
  • Blog Post: A Simple Windows Forms Template for F#

    Carl Nolan of Microsoft UK has put together a nice little WinForms template for F# . You can find it in the Visual Studio Gallery Online templates . Remember: You can find lots of templates for F# under " New Project " -> " Online Templates " and searching for " fsharp ". You can also search...
  • Blog Post: Project templates for F# games, libraries and applications on Windows Phone 7 using XNA

    Johann Deneux and Giuseppe Maggiore have been putting together templates for F# games, libraries and applications for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) XNA . This extends Dan Mohl's great work on templates for list, panorama and vanilla applications. Like all other templates on Visual Studio Gallery, these are...
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