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  • Blog Post: FunScript - F# to Javascript leveraging TypeScript metadata

    FunScript is “a lightweight F# library that lets you rapidly develop single-page web and mobile applications”. This now has a nice new home page: It is interesting because: It compiles F# to JavaScript (see also WebSharper ) It leverages TypeScript metadata...
  • Blog Post: Twelve F# type providers in action

    Twelve F# type providers in action, brought to you with love by the Visual F# team and the F# Community Click on the images to learn more about using and/or contributing to the type providers. All your types are belong to us :)
  • Blog Post: F# London Meetup Thursday Night: Zach Bray "F# to Javascript, the FunScript way"

    Thursday night (31 Jan) at the F#unctional Londoners Meetup we have Zach Bray telling us all about FunScript , aka "F# to Javascript, the FunScript way!" This includes a cool integration of TypeScript metadata into F#-JavaScript programming using an F# type provider for TypeScript. Another way to...
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