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On the SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Application Framework

June, 2010

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I'm David Taylor, a software developer at Microsoft. I began my career at Microsoft in 1997 on the Site Server team. Since then, I've worked on various web-related projects, including MSN Communities (renamed MSN Groups and then terminated) and SharePoint Portal Server. I currently work on the team building the SharePoint 2010 Service Application Framework.

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    Calculator Service Source Code

    By request, see the attached file for an early look at the source code for the Calculator Service as a Visual Studio 2010 project. This is a work in progress. Some features are not yet implemented, and I haven’t yet explained some of the implemented features...
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    SharePoint Calculator Service Part 10 – Service Client

    So far, we’ve been covering the service side of our Calculator service. We have a working service application that can be deployed and managed in a SharePoint server farm. In this article, we’ll switch focus to the client side. Remember that SharePoint...
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