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August, 2006

  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    Windows Live Contacts Gadget Beta Release

    I'm pleased to announced the beta release of a new kind of web component: the Windows Live Contacts Gadget ! What's it for? The contacts gadget is client-side JavaScript that enables end users to use their Windows Live contacts (from Windows Live...
  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    Windows Live Contacts Q and A

    The Windows Live Contacts gadget is picking up speed and interest, and we're starting to see some common factors in questions and conversations with web application teams inside Microsoft and out. Q: The gadget sample code doesn't load on my web page...
  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics


    Woohoo! Parallel Linq! eWeek has an article talking about a new project at Microsoft called Plinq whose goal is to spread a Linq query across multiple processors. Anders Hejlsberg discusses the potential performance advantages of distributing work across...
  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    Blogging with Windows Live Writer

    Out of frustration with the msdn blog server's sluggish response on the administration side of the house, I decided to take a quick look at the recently launched Windows Live Writer (beta) blog composition tool. I normally avoid installing stuff on the...
  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    .NET Languages Symposium 2006

    I've made a quick run up to Redmond for Tuesday/Wednesday to take part in the .NET Languages Symposium 2006 (aka LANG.NET2006). I'll be speaking (Wed at 2pm) on lessons learned about the state of web app development (in particular, JavaScript) while building...
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