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January, 2007

  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    Twice Tagged

    "Dr Bob" Swart of the Netherlands and Jesper Hogstrom of the Borland/DevCo/CodeGear Delphi ECO team have both "tagged" me in this little game of prod-the-next-guy-into-blogging-about-themselves, so I guess I'd better hop to it before any more prods arrive...
  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    Windows Live Contacts Control Shows Online Presence

    This month's rev of the Windows Live Contacts Control adds a new "tile" view that displays the photos of your Windows Live IM contacts in the control, and makes starting an IM session with them a simple one-click operation. The top part of this screenshot...
  • Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

    2007 Events Calendar

    Techie events are a mixed bag. Some are actually fun to attend, while others are more like work on a stick. Here are a few picks and pans for 2007. GDC07 March 5 - 9 San Francisco The Game Developers Conference is an entertaining booth crawl for the same...
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