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Windows Live client side web application development according to Windows Live Quantum Mechanic Danny Thorpe.

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  • Blog Post: My Content, My Tags

    Tagging online content with categories or keywords is a great idea. I love GMail's use of labels instead of folders. I tag all my Flickr photos six ways to Sunday. What I'm not so excited about are sites that encourage others to put public tags on my stuff. Who are these people? And no, stupid, that...
  • Blog Post: Avoiding Popup Blockers in Your Web Apps

    Tim Heuer laments the growing number of otherwise reputable web sites that instruct their flocks to disable popup blockers in order to complete some task within that web site. Having stumbled into popup blocker hell myself only a few months ago with the Windows Live Contacts Control I can certainly attest...
  • Blog Post: Why More Websites Don't Support Opera

    Two words: No debugger. Part of our charter here in the Windows Live team is to support as many browsers as practical. I'd received reports that our Windows Live Contacts control doesn't do much in an Opera browser, so in the calm following the signing off our most recent "sprint" I indulged in a...
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