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Bye-bye beta, bye-bye... That was all she wrote...

Bye-bye beta, bye-bye... That was all she wrote...

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This is absolutely awesome. As someone who loves customer feedback, the CTP process rocks! It requires us to keep the quality of main extremely high. It provides a rapid feedback loop so we, the product team, can actually respond to customer feedback. And finally, it gives customers an opportunity to see in near real-time the product evolve and to prepare for it's release. This should allow customers to upgrade much sooner than under the previou model.

From my perspective these are a few of the benefits of the CTP model. Let me know what you think.


BTW the title of this posting is a play on the song by a band called Firehouse. A $1.00 goes to the person who can name the song. No cheating...

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  • The song was "All she wrote"

    "Bye bye baby, bye bye....", She said in her letter
    -And that was all she wrote
  • I like Firehouse, but there is already an answer...or I might ask you to send a check to China RD centre :D
  • Steven got it! Sweet! I am a bit troubled with the fact that he posted @ 2:03 AM. Let me know where to send the $1.
  • 2:03 AM was 8:03 AM here (different time zone). Sending $1 to The Netherlands would be surreal. Just increase your next charitable donation by $1 :))
  • Rock on Steven!
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