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I am Principal Program Manager at Microsoft leading the Business Platform Division's (BPD) community team. BPD includes SQL Server, SQL Azure, BizTalk, AppFabric, and other technologies and services.
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    SQL2K5 SP1 Is Now Available

    SP1 has been released! The release includes Management Studio Express, Express Edition with Advanced Services (Full-text Search and Reporting Services) and Express Edition Toolkit (necessary for building reports for Express Edition with Advanced Services...
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    Using SMO to change service account passwords

    There are a multitude of administrative actions you can automate using SMO. You can read more about SMO in Books Online ( http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms162169.aspx ). There is also a forum on MSDN devoted to SMO ( http://forums.microsoft...
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    Scenario-based Design Makes the Product

    The May 2006 issues of Business 2.0 has a few interesting stories that while on the surface don’t seem to be related are in fact incredibly related. However, first, there is good news for all those DBAs out there. One of the articles in this edition is...
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