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I am Principal Program Manager at Microsoft leading the Business Platform Division's (BPD) community team. BPD includes SQL Server, SQL Azure, BizTalk, AppFabric, and other technologies and services.
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    The SQL Server Flag Flies @ Half Mast

    I got word today the SQL Server family has lost another. Ken Henderson passed away last night. I have so much inside that I want to say about Ken but for some reason it's not ready to come out. Ken was a SQL Server living legend. Now, he's a SQL Server...
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    How We Developed SQL2K8

    I've been wanting to write this blog entry for some time now and just have never found the time to sit down and do it. Well today seem like as good a day as any to do it. I'm not focusing on the entire SQL server development process but rather give you...
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    Getting Your "Favorite" SQL Server Bug Fixed

    As a PM in SQL Server I read through just about every bug entered for the components my team owns. Given the surface area of what my team owns this translates into a lot of bugs. I don't characterize it that way to disrespect the team or the quality of...
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