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SQL Server 2008 Launch T -3 Days

SQL Server 2008 Launch T -3 Days

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We are three days away from launch. I've been working on the launch demos and they're shaping up nicely. The manageability session will cover Policy-based Management, Performance Data Collection, T-SQL IntelliSense, PowerShell, and a few of the enhancements we've made within Management Studio (e.g. Multi-server queries and Object Explorer Details). It's a solid presentation and a solid set of capabilities.

Praveen (my Product Unit Manager - essentially my manager's manager) is delivering the presentation and I'm "Demo Boy". Since the theme of the launch is "Heros..." I thought we needed "super" hero names: "Manageability Man" (Praveen) and his side kick "Demo Boy" (your's truly).

I'm still working through the demos for the "secret" functionality. I don't have them locked and loaded just yet but I'm getting closer. Cheer me on 'cause trust me, you'll want to see these!

Side note: I arrived in LA yesterday. When I left Seattle it was a gorgeous sunny day. The sun reflecting off Lake Washington is simply a beautiful sight. When I landed in LA it was gray and rainy. This morning is no different in LA. Although today's forecast for Seattle is rain.

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