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I am Principal Program Manager at Microsoft leading the Business Platform Division's (BPD) community team. BPD includes SQL Server, SQL Azure, BizTalk, AppFabric, and other technologies and services.

SQL Server 2008 Launch T -1 Day

SQL Server 2008 Launch T -1 Day

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Tomorrow is the big day. I have the demos about 95% locked and loaded. Unfortunately one of the cool features isn't going to make the demo. It's just not ready - BUMMER! But two others look like they'll make it. One is a nice thing and will likely get a few Oh's. The other will probably get a standing ovation!

I'm really pleased with how the tools are shaping up for Katmai. There's a lot of greatness in them. But, we still have some polishing to do. In any event my goal is to get some Oh's and Ah's and some applause during the 60 minute Manageability break-out session. Since I know what's in store I think we should be able to deliver on that. Also, the forecast is for great weather which means everyone will be in a good mood!

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