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I am Principal Program Manager at Microsoft leading the Business Platform Division's (BPD) community team. BPD includes SQL Server, SQL Azure, BizTalk, AppFabric, and other technologies and services.
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    Where The Heck is Activity Monitor?

    You're sitting at your desk rocking out to great music, you've just installed Management Studio 2008, you expand the Management node and start to click on Activity Monitor... Wait a second, What the %&*$#@, where's Activity Monitor? Did those goofs...
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    TechEd North America Session Videos

    In shameless self promotion the video of the talk I did on PowerShell and SQL Server has been posted to the web. I haven't watched this as I just can't bring myself to sit and watch myself for an hour but the session evaluations were pretty good. Therefore...
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    Technology for the "Masses"

    I'm spending some vacation time with my family, my in-laws, and my wife's sister and her family. We're at my in-laws cabin in Clear Lake California. Clear Lake is a beautiful place with a interesting juxtaposition of multi-million dollar homes right near...
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    Launching Vanilla PowerShell from SSMS

    One of the criticisms of our PowerShell implementation is the integration with Management Studio launches our custom minishell. With just a few simple key strokes you can add a custom tool menu item and toolbar button. To do this select "External...
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