As many of you might know, Microsoft hosted one of the largest technology showcase - Tech.Ed, in Bangalore during April 12-14, 2010. This was a great opportunity for the The Duet Enterprise team to reach out, engage with and establish an ongoing dialog with the developer community.

The Duet Enterprise team from Microsoft and SAP, decided to jointly host an invite only session on Duet Enterprise. Members of the product team from Microsoft and SAP were presenting. The event organizers picked a room to host roughly 12-14 attendees. Looking back, we had no clue on the interest level for this product… I say that with a big smile on my face :)

It was Day 2 of Tech.Ed (April 13th). SharePoint 2010 session was in full swing with a packed audience. I was in the crowd listening to the attendees react to the great feature sets from SharePoint. I could feel the excitement level rise when the BCS features, integration with LOB systems were being presented. Call me biased, that’s my story and I am sticking to it :).

This was a clear indication that there could be a sizable developer community in this audience that had background SAP or other LOBs and may be looking for help in integrating these LOBs with SharePoint. Then it stuck me, that Duet Enterprise session is going to be hosted in room that is smaller that may not host everyone comfortably ..By then it was too late to change the setting.

The session was to start at 11:30 AM. By 11:05 AM, the seats were taken. 20 minutes into the session the room was standing room only and a big line outside waiting to get in.

The final attendee count was 64. The attendees represented a good spread of .NET developers, ABAP developers, enterprise architects, MVPs and other decision makers. The survey of he session resulted a score of 4.15 / 5 . – The biggest feedback !! You guessed it. Get a bigger room !!!!! (Lesson learnt, I say)

Since the product is in development (approaching Beta), we had decided to show only the videos of the product and engage the audience on suggestions and recommendations they had on the proposed feature sets. I realize that we may be have disappointed some of the audience by not showing a live demo.

The best way to experience a product is to experiment with it. The next best is to see a live demo, further down the list are video recordings and screen shots. I am very aware of these. To take this further, we are planning a webinar to show a live demo of Duet Enterprise. Watch this space for an invite… Folks interested in our Beta program should reach out to

It was very comforting to learn that the investments we had done for Duet Enterprise resonated well with developer community. Security, Supportability, Scalability – Enterprise Readiness as a whole is what one gets out of the box with Duet Enterprise, not to mention the building blocks such as Reporting and Workflow and Starter Services to get access to content.

Our decisions to align with existing tool sets in the platform (SharePoint and ABAP Workbench) was received well as I saw ABAP developers nodding their head when Gaurav (SAP Architect) was explaining the customization story. We had just one goal for the session – Get the community excited about Duet Enterprise. The response to the event has been great.

Thank you all for attending and make the event a success. I look forward to a more and more interactions with all of you in this journey.


Ranganathan_Shrikanth Ranganathan Srikanth,
Lead Program Manager,
Duet Enterprise,
Microsoft Corp.