"anon" (why not leave a name, it is much more fun) posted a comment in response to my previous entry, asking why am I including Brad Abrams and Chris Brumme... as they are not VB-specific...

Perhaps I need to be clearer about my intent.

"I'm interested in blogs that contain useful information for Visual Basic (.NET or not) developers." ... the fact that Brad Abrams and Chris Brumme are not tied to any one language is the whole reason why I chose to list them.

In truth, I suspect most .NET postings could be of use to a VB.NET developer, but I can't list them all, so I am trying to filter on a few criteria... the most important of which is "raw value of the content", but great content that is all in C# isn't all that useful to someone who works only in VB.NET... so I'll tend to skew towards Visual Basic developers with blogs whenever possible.

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