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Who is Dan Winter?

I have been with Microsoft full-time over 8 years now... I started out on the Exchange 24x7 team in product support where I enjoyed a near 4 years of mentoring peers, training new-hires, taking on those tough issues, and being one of those go-to folks on topics such as disaster recover, mailflow, etc. While there, I enjoyed contributing to the Exchange Team Blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/exchange ... you can find some of my entries still up there.
I then enjoyed a short stint on the then SPS2003/WSSv2 support team and a longer one as an Escalation Engineer (EE) (eventually Senior Escalation Engineer) in the Escalation Services team for SharePoint. As a SharePoint EEs, I resolved the most technically and politically challenging customer issues, isolated defects to the faulting line(s) of code and then driving those codechanges into a hotfix, and many other deep technical tasks. 
Currently I am working as a Program Manager in the SharePoint Product Group.  I focus on areas that relate to the operational managability of SharePoint as well as having a focus on Search and Enterprise Content Management.  I am very excited about our next wave of products and am looking forward to when I can evangelize them publically.

I do enjoy coding in my spare time and have ADModify and WikiMigrator to my credit as well as helping with many other smaller tools.

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