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December, 2006

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Who is Dan Winter?

I have been with Microsoft full-time over 8 years now... I started out on the Exchange 24x7 team in product support where I enjoyed a near 4 years of mentoring peers, training new-hires, taking on those tough issues, and being one of those go-to folks on topics such as disaster recover, mailflow, etc. While there, I enjoyed contributing to the Exchange Team Blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/exchange ... you can find some of my entries still up there.
I then enjoyed a short stint on the then SPS2003/WSSv2 support team and a longer one as an Escalation Engineer (EE) (eventually Senior Escalation Engineer) in the Escalation Services team for SharePoint. As a SharePoint EEs, I resolved the most technically and politically challenging customer issues, isolated defects to the faulting line(s) of code and then driving those codechanges into a hotfix, and many other deep technical tasks. 
Currently I am working as a Program Manager in the SharePoint Product Group.  I focus on areas that relate to the operational managability of SharePoint as well as having a focus on Search and Enterprise Content Management.  I am very excited about our next wave of products and am looking forward to when I can evangelize them publically.

I do enjoy coding in my spare time and have ADModify and WikiMigrator to my credit as well as helping with many other smaller tools.

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    Changing the CreateSite page

    After seeing the templateID detail ( http://blogs.msdn.com/dwinter/archive/2006/07/07/659613.aspx ) ChrisF wanted to know if there was an ID associated with the Custom Tab that shows up on the Create New Page. He was trying to make that tab the default...
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    Introducing Tony McIntyre

    Tony is a Senior Escalation Engineer on my team. This represents the highest technical level within Microsoft product support . He has joined the SharePoint blogging community with a series of posts on crawl perf tuning. Tony has done a significant amount...
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