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Migration Wizard updated; localized releases posted for Management Reporter 2012

Migration Wizard updated; localized releases posted for Management Reporter 2012

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Customers are telling us that they like the new functionality in Management Reporter 2012. Guess what? This week it's getting even better.

First, we've posted a release for the Migration Wizard, allowing you to directly move your FRx reports into Management Reporter 2012. This should be a big timesaver for those just now making the move from FRx to Management Reporter.

Second, you'll soon find updated localized builds for Management Reporter 2012, meaning you can now use translated versions supporting the following countries and languages:



English (en-Au)


German (de-AT)


Dutch (nl-BE) and French (fr-Be)


English (en-CA) and French (fr-CA)


Danish (da-DK)


French (fr-FR)


German (de-DE)


English (en-IN)


English (en-IE)


Italian (it-IT)


English (en-MY)


Spanish (es-MX)


Dutch (nl-NL)

New Zealand

English (en-NZ)

Peoples Republic of China

Chinese (zh-HANS)


Russian (ru-RU)


English (en-SG)

South Africa

English (en-ZA)


Spanish (es-ES)


German (de-CH), French (fr-CH), and Italian (it-CH)

United Kingdom

English (en-GB)


With this release, we've also spent some time on quality, including resolving 75 bugs, including making additional performance enhancements for those of you using Management Reporter 2012.

It's only been about a month since we released Management Reporter 2012, and we're already enhancing your experience with it.  We expect to keep up a regular release cadence with multiple releases during the year. These updates will be a combination of new features and issue resolution to provide you with ongoing value with your Management Reporter investment.

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  • Hi Char,

    Thanks for posting an update about MR 2012... By any chances, is there a place to get the list of all the 75 bugs that were fixed ? we recently upgraded to MR 2.1.1026.37  and experienced some strange behaviors vs. the 2.0... Some of the exploitation I found in the latest MR22ReadMe.pdf, but not everything is covered. Before I apply the roll-up, I'ld like to see the list of bugs.

    Thanks and have a great time,


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