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Viewing and interacting with report groups-- Management Reporter CU6

Viewing and interacting with report groups-- Management Reporter CU6

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When a report group is generated, a report group page is created that contains links to all of the reports in the group. Users go to one location and open a link to get all of the reports relevant to them. The video below shows the report group page and the different ways users can view and interact with reports.



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  • hi Jim

    I successfully installed MR 2012 CU6 and can use the Web Viewer, but when I publish reports to a SharePoint 2010 library, the .aspx files do nothing when I click on them - just a blank screen.  I do not see the options for opening the files.  

    •Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft ....

    •Microsoft Excel

    •XPS Viewer


  • Please try the suggestions from this post:  blogs.msdn.com/.../how-to-configure-management-reporter-2012-with-microsoft-sharepoint.aspx

  • Is there any way I can have the report group generate to the MMR viewer rather than the web viewer?

    And in my reporting tree I have set the all units summary not to print but when I run my group report it does it any way. Ideas how to eliminate that?


  • @janyerges

    Do you have the report group overriding all of the report definition settings? Being able to view a report group isn't available in the desktop viewer, only the web viewer.

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