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Adding vendor and customer to a Dynamics AX report -- Management Reporter CU6

Adding vendor and customer to a Dynamics AX report -- Management Reporter CU6

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 Who you are paying and who owes you money are two very important questions every business needs to answer on a daily basis. This is easily done when you have vendor and customer as dimensions in Dynamics AX 2012. But what if you don’t? With Management Reporter CU6, Dynamics AX 2012 customers can now add them to their reports for display and filtering purposes. Let’s take a look at both examples.

Example 1: Displaying customer and vendor on a report

When you want to display the customer or vendor associated with a transaction you can add an attribute column and choose vendor or customer name as the attribute category.


Example 2: Filtering a report by customer or vendor

If filtering by a customer or vendor is required, then you can add them as an attribute filter in either the row or the column definition.

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  • Hi April, our esteem customer wants a report by customer group in management reporter, I use this blog to display by customer name but then the customer requirement is to display by customer group.

    Requesting you to help with your thoughts.



  • I was hoping to make a similar report.  In my case, I would like to create a reporting tree based on a customer group dimension.  When I select the dimension for customer, all I get is a list of all customers.  Do I have to manually group them into their respective customer groups or can I add a dimension that pulls those groupings for me?


  • If customer is a dimension you can create a reporting tree definition using it but will need to create the customer group rollups manually. If customer is not a dimension and only an attribute, then you won't be able to make a reporting tree definition off of it.

  • I got an issue displaying attribute customer name. im using it with the row modifier in the row definition filtering by every customer I got in AX (hehe). But when reviewing amounts I got an issue with two customers. one transaction was displaying in Customer 1, but when I checked it it should display in the customer 2. the transaction with the issue was a general ledger with one voucher. the voucher has two lines, Customer 1 at the debit side and customer 2 at the credit side. Management reporter is assigning the two amounts for customer 2 (I think because it assumes there will be one customer per voucher). Has some else got this problems, or thing is ther is a hotfix for this issue?

    Thanks in advance

    Francisco Montano

  • The vendor name & customer name are not showing up in the report generated.  Can you please help?

  • Lara,

    With CU10 vendor and customer are optional and opt in. Review the AX provider guide for information on the options for CU10.

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