For Management Reporter CU9, we've introduced a new feature to proactively warn you if there is data in Microsoft Dynamics that will cause problems in Management Reporter. If you are using a data mart integration with Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, the Configuration Console will now automatically review the data in your ERP for inconsistent or invalid data. The initial validation will start immediately after configuration, so you should resolve any issues found prior to enabling your integration.

Most of the customers we've talked to about invalid data found they had a few issues caused in prior versions of Dynamics, and there was a one-time cleanup effort to be done. The ERP teams have worked with us to identify issues the support team is seeing most often, so this should not be considered a comprehensive list of all known issues. Click below for detailed information on what issues are being checked for.

In addition to the initial validation, validation will continue to run on a nightly basis to check for any new issues.  If any invalid data is found, there will be an error in the Configuration Console integration log with a short description and link that will provide the suggested next steps. This feature works especially well with notifications, so you will receive an email automatically if an issue is found.

Watch this video to learn more about this feature.