Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX

This blog contains information and feedback on the Supply Chain Management area in Microsoft Dynamics AX

About Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX


About Supply Chain Management in Dynamics AX

This blog contains information and feedback on the Supply Chain Management area in Microsoft Dynamics AX with a special focus on the functionality in the latest version of the product. The readers that we would like to engage are primarily partners and customers who want to extend their knowledge within this product area. The content is provided  by members of the Dynamics AX SCM Center of Excellence, MDCC. Here is a brief bio of members who are actively contributing to the blog.


Ievgenii Korovin works on Supply Chain Management team at MDCC. He has been working with Dynamics AX since 2006, and his main areas of responsibility are architecture and functionality within inventory management, warehouse management and product information management areas.

Ievgenii holds Master’s degree in Computer Science from the National Technical University of Ukraine. He lives in Copenhagen with his wife Tamara and their young daughter Alisa. In the free time his family enjoys any outdoor activates especially skiing, biking and hiking.  


 Akshey Gupta



Akshey Gupta is a senior lead program manager responsible for inventory management capability in Dynamics AX. He  has 15 years’ experience in implementing, selling and building ERP products. He   has been responsible for various product capabilities in last 3 full product releases. His areas of  expertise within Dynamics AX are production management, master planning, manufacturing execution, process manufacturing and distribution, inventory and warehouse management. He has an engineering degree from IIT Delhi and an MBA from National university of Singapore. He is based in Microsoft development center in Denmark

Karina Normann Jakobsen is a senior program manager.

She is focusing mainly on the inventory and warehouse management area, but has over the years worked with a variety of AX modules. She is based in Microsoft development organization in Denmark.Before she decided to join the AX development organization, she had already had a long carrier. She started her carrier working with accounting in a number of Danish companies.

Seeking new challenges she utilized the knowledge she had built up to work with training and consulting within the AX Partner channel and finally decided to join the AX development organization in 1999.






Mai-Britt Winther started out in 1998 at Damgaard Development on XAL, and in the cause of mergers and acquisitions has worked for 10+ years at Microsoft on Dynamics AX.

She has worked in various areas stretching from Project Accounting, Balanced Scorecard, HRM, CRM, SCM to Product Information Management.

Her main focus areas at the moment are centered around the Product entity. Anything that touches or uses a product definition so to speak.

She holds a M.A in Business German and Int. Relations from Aalborg University, and works as a senior program manager out of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC).


My name is Mirza Abdic’. I have educational background as an Engineer in information technology from south university of Denmark. I have been working in a Supply chain field for several years.  I worked in the start for Supply chain software vendors who are ERP independent in development of best of breed Supply chain systems. Later I was as well working for ISV/Partner companies, where I worked as technical advisor/Business architect on complex implementations for global procurement, Sale,  VMI, supply chain visibility and other projects. Projects where mainly focusing on huge global installations where SCM visibility and supply chain control were in focus.

Areas I worked in to develop and implement  best of breed supply chain solutions are, purchase, sale, planning, transport routing and load optimizations, VMI with or without consignment, inbound  multi-sourcing/multi-channel procurement, cloud SCM solutions for replenishment and sale, Supply chain visibility, SCM EDI,  and  as well advanced “managed by exception” Intelligent KPIs.

For about two and a half years ago, I decided to join the Microsoft AX R&D in Denmark in order to work with such an exciting global product as Microsoft Dynamics AX and contribute with my field experience and knowledge to make it even better. I am currently in position as program manager in Inventory team in Dynamics AX R&D in Denmark.

My big passions are:

Work:  Warehousing, Intelligent BI, VMI processes with or without consignment, multi sourcing/multi-channel procurement, Cloud SCM solutions, SCM visibility and control.  Basically I am always interested to figure out how to help customers/companies to utilize huge valuable data that are stored in an ERP system, into intelligent, easy to use, functionality to support of the daily decisions and tasks in a company and across the supply chains.

Private: I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two sons. In my very limited spare time, I like to ski, spearfish and free dive, hike and sometimes to hunt as well.

What am I not good at?

Financial/costing side of the ERPs/SupplyChain is not my strong side, or the area that has my big interest. 

I am always open for a good discussion in the area of warehousing, sale, procurement, BI  or the supply chain in general.

 Lennart Conrad's avatar

Lennart Conrad works on the Supply Chain Management team at MDCC in Denmark. He has been working with Dynamics AX since 2003 where he joined Microsoft.

Currently he is working with warehouse management. Previous areas of expertise have been sales/purchase and inventory management.

Besides that he has been involved in numerous upgrades and has worked intensively on performance withing the SCM domain.   

Lennart holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Danish Technical University(DTU) and an HD in Supply Chain Management from Copenhagen Business School.  

  Vanya Lebedev has been a developer with Microsoft Dynamics AX for more than 4 years. His main areas of expertise are Global financial management and Inventory. In the finance domain Vanya has been involved in development of regulatory features for Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and other western European countries. In the Inventory domain Vanya's main areas of expertise are core inventory update and reservation mechanisms, Catch Weight functionality, Product attributes and Item tracing.