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Using Transportation management without the new Warehouse management module

Using Transportation management without the new Warehouse management module

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The question of whether I can use Transportation management without the new Warehouse management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 has cropped up many times.

And the basic answer is Yes, you can. Here are a few simple steps to help you achieve this scenario. The variations are, of course, many, but this simple procedure will get you going in simulating processes that do not need such strong integration with the new Transportation and Warehousing module.

1. Create a product with Storage dimensions that  don’t have the ‘Use warehouse management processes’ setting enabled. You also should not use any existing product with such a storage dimension group. Go to Product information management > Released products

2.  Enable the product to use the Transportation management processes

3. Add on-hand quantity of the product

4. Create a sales order for the product

5. Go to the Load planning workbench and create a load

6. Execute Rating and routing

7. Select a rate and assign it to the load

8. Confirm the shipment. If the load contains any items that use warehouse management processes, that step will fail because work for warehouse should first be created and completed. This check for completed warehouse work is skipped for items that only use transportation management processes. So for loads with a combination of both types of items, you would need to perform all warehouse processes for the items that require it

9. Print the packing slip, bill of lading, and send the ASN (where applicable)

  • Hi,

    Does it work in the case that item has setup storage dimension with ‘Use warehouse management processes’ checkbox selected and  the shipping Warehouse is setup as non WHS-controlled?

    Thank you

  • Hi Aco, do we still need to enable the warehouse for WMS ?

  • Hi Rodrigo,

    No, it will not work for a non-WHS enabled warehouse. You won't be able to add an order line like that to a load.

  • Hi Kanchan,

    Yes, we still need to enable the warehouse for WHS. Otherwise that order line will not be shown on the load planning workbench demand fast tab, so you won't be able to add it to a load

  • I do not see any benefit using the TMS in this way.  Only the rating routing function could be used but the created load is not valid to organize in some way the Warehouse activities.  Sales order have to be released for piking individually. On the load you do not have any function which allows you to manage the sales orders in the load globally.

  • Hi Marco,

    You are right, warehouse processes cannot be used. The setup is to address situation when companies don't want to use warehouse management processes, but want to be able to create loads, calculate rates, etc. Apparently this is not your case.

  • Hi Galina

    The setup described may manage various transportation functionality without using the full WHS functionality available, but still the items for the shipments need to be e.g. picked and packed. I suppose when this is the case then WHS processes need being applied (more or less automated) - as long as one wants to use transportation functionality.

  • Hi MBS people, you need to intergrate the TMS rate calucator into the product costing sheet (then you are selling goods on DDP etc. conditions).

    It seems to be a very common requirement: I did it earlier once via misc. charges, 3 months ago I had it in a pre-sales cycle, now another customer of MCS needs exactly the same.

    Do you need a MSConnect suggestion for that?

  • Does anyone how to use TMS functionality with transfer orders with only the warehouses set up for WHS enabled. We are not using the WHS functionality. Just needed to activate it to use TMS for Sales orders.

    When trying to ship the transfer order via TMS , I get the error of no load lines selected. Even after selecting Edit lines. When I try to ship it via LPW I get the same error. Any ideas?

  • Dear Aco,

    I am trying to create a manual load from a sales order, when I select an existing item (use warehouse mgmt. is checked and use transportation mgmt. is checked), the sales lines appear in the sales tab of load planning workbench and I am able to create a load from these sales line.

    Now I created a new product with same setup as the earlier product and followed the same process, the sales lines are not appearing in the sales tab of load planning workbench.

    Kindly assist if I am missing any setup.

    The reason i want to do to this is that i want to do only transport management. when i select a product with both the Boolean fields 'use warehouse mgmt.' and 'use transport mgmt.' i get an error "work" while shipping the load in load planning workbench.

    Your help is much appreciated.

  • He Eugen Glasow, yes we do :). Please create MS connect suggestion and we would now your request better.

  • Hi Danny,

    Could you please describe your setup in more details? What is in the error that you get? This is the supported scenario that you try to go through so it should be something in the setup.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Shweta,

    Did you use WHS enabled warehouse? I guess you did as your order with old item appeared under demand, but please double check that you use the same warehouse (or another one is also WHS enabled).

    Did you enabled your new item for TMS processes the same way as described in the blog? Please make sure that all the fields that you can see in the picture above are filled when you create a new product.

    Best regards,


  • Dear Aco/Galina,

    I have a requirement from client to calculate chargeable weight based on (width * breadth * length) of items in transportation module. Also the chargeable weight varies based on the type of transport like

    Air - (Width x breadth x length) / 6000

    Courier - (Width x breadth x length) / 5000

    Road - (Width x breadth x length) / 4000 or 5000 .

    Can this be done in TRAX. If so can you guide me how?

    As per demo data, I have calculated rates based on the Mileage engine as the rates are calculated based on origin and destination PC's.

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Dear Galina,

    No i have not used WHS enabled warehouse.  I created a new product and it is TMS enabled. When i create a Sales order, and click on Load planning workbench, the sales line is not appearing under sales lines of Supply and Demand tab. Kindly assist. I followed all steps mentioned in above blog.



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