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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is an integration solution which is targeted specifically at the Microsoft Dynamics product family. Connector provides an out of the box integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP solutions.

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics version history

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics version history

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Several questions have come in from the field asking what the version numbers are for previous Connector releases.  They are summarized in the table below.  This table will be kept up-to-date as future versions are released.

Connector Version Build Number CRM Solution Number Release Date
RTW 1.0.1603.1 N/A 10/5/2009
FP 1 1.1.412.1 N/A 1/12/2010
FP 2 1.2.323.1 N/A 3/23/2010
FP 3 N/A 5/7/2010
FP 4 1.4.717.1 N/A 12/17/2010
FP 5 1.0.1603.1 1/28/2011
FP 5 Refresh 1.5.516.1 1.0.1603.1 4/16/2012
FP 6 1.6.731.4 1.0.1603.2 8/31/2011
V2 2.0.422.2 1.0.1603.2 12/22/2011
V2 Refresh 2.0.620.1 1.0.1603.2 2/20/2012
V2 RU 1 1.0.1603.3 6/29/2012
V2 RU 1 Refresh 2.1.317.1 1.0.1603.3 9/24/2012
V2 RU 2 1.0.1603.3 11/9/2012
V2 RU 3 2.3.1225.1 1.0.1603.3 1/25/2013
V2 RU 3 Refresh 2.3.1306.1 1.0.1603.3 2/7/2013
V3 1.0.1603.3 6/18/2013
V3 Refresh 3.0.430.1 1.0.1603.3 8/5/2013
V3 CU 1 1.0.1603.3 10/17/2013
V3 CU 1 Refresh 3.1.407.1 1.0.1603.3 1/7/2014
V3 CU 2 3.2.606.2 1.0.1603.3 2/7/2014
V3 CU 2 Refresh 3.2.816.1 1.0.1603.3 5/1/2014
V3 CU 3 3.3.514.1 1.0.1603.4 6/18/2014

The only Current release of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics (3.3.514.1) is available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource. It can be downloaded using the link provided in the "Related Links" section of this blog.

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  • It would also be helpful if you put a date on the releases so I could easily tell what version I might have installed

  • Hi Chris,

    Would be great if you will announce new releases in this blog ...

    Cannot find any information that V2 refresh was released and what was changed in this version(You guys apparently need to improve this area).



  • @Konstantin - we typically only announce the major releases on this blog.  The V2 refresh fixed three issues that were found by customers in the field in V2, I believe that you were involded with one of these cases actually.

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