Connector -- Integrating Dynamics ERP with Dynamics CRM

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is an integration solution which is targeted specifically at the Microsoft Dynamics product family. Connector provides an out of the box integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP solutions.

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics now offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration capabilities!

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics now offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration capabilities!

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Keeping Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 instances in sync has never been easier than now with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Instance Adapter. This is an additional adapter for use with Connector for Microsoft Dynamics that allows for the synchronization of data between two Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 organizations.  The adapter allows for communication between two endpoints that exist on any authentication/hosting environment (on-premise, online, IFD, etc.)  This means that you can leverage this new adapter to move Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 data between test and production servers or from on-premises to the cloud. 

This adapter is freely available here: and is offered as an unsupported add-on to Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.  Stay tuned to this blog for a video detailing the installation and use of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 instance Adapter.

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  • Will the same GUID of entity(e.g acount) be kept between source and destination CRM organizations?

  • @Kevin - yes it does preserve GUIDs across instances when it can.  Certain entities always get their own GUID, these include organization, systemuser, businessunit, team, and field security roles.

  • Would it be possible to use this tool to migrate data from two CRM instance which are using different Functional Currency ?

  • Hi Chris,

    Very nice addition, especially for Companies, who is going to migrate from on-promise to the Cloud.

    Would be great to have the same to sync NAV Companies between each other, NAV internal synchronization pretty often required by Clients.



  • Thanks a lot for the answer. I tried it last night, it does :-)

  • Is there a forum for people trying to use this adaptor?  I have run into problems with this in trying to sync products.  Have to sync the Units and Unit groups first and I get this error on Unit to Unit.  

    [Unit to Unit] has encountered an error while processing key [1fac3d58-7423-e211-89af-78e3b50844ef]. Duplicate detection is not supported on this record type.

    Unit Groups have synced and I have verified their GUID.  But on Products I get:

    [Product to Product] has encountered an error while processing key [5a61bc6b-acb2-4d6d-a47a-023a950f68e9]. The unit id is missing.

    Anyone been successful in this?

  • @janett - there isn't a dedicated forum for the Connector nor this adapter yet.  I would suggest using the Microsoft Dynamcis CRM forums on the dynamics community site.  The issue that you are running into with units might be cuased by several things.  Do you happen to have units in differen groups with the same name and same base unit?  We are working on an updated version of the adapter already that might also resolve your issue.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information on that upcoming release.  Thanks!

  • @Karim - while we haven't directly tested this scenario, it *should* be possible provided both currencies are active in the destination organization.  You might run into issues with fields that contain money amounts however as they might come over in the source organizations currency.

  • @janett We have some blog posts that run through a wide variety of information having to do with the new Instance Adapter.  The main article is here:

    The article that might benefit you the most, regarding entity ordering, is here:

    The important thing to keep in mind is that certain entities have dependencies on other entities.  

  • @Karim - We're spinning a new organization up with a different currency to try and test this.  I'll let you know what we find out.

  • Does this resolve the issue of connecting to multiple instances in CRM and (for example) GP?  For example with this new feature can I Integrate 2 ERP instances example: A and B to 1 CRM Instance?

  • thanks for that. But when trying to download the connector (not the adapter mentioned in this post, but the connector it works with), I am presented with several options. Should I download the connector for CRM and GP, CRM and NAV, CRM and AX or CRM and SL? Since all I want to do is CRM with CRM, I am not sure what to choose here.

  • @Jeremy - version 2 of Connector allowed for this by using the filtering functionality.  Please see this blog post from more information:

  • @Pedro - if you are just interested in CRM to CRM then I would suggest getting the SL or NAV version since they have the smallest footprint with only three additional adapters.

  • I was wondering, is there a roadmap for future releases of the Connector? Our organisation is testing a CRM - AX integration scenario and we are hitting some of the limitations. Just wondering what kind of future support and updates we could expect.

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