I prepared this PowerPoint presentation of CRM Online consisting of screenshots for a webinar that only supported the upload of documents, not a live demonstration.  In this presentation I walk through each aspect of the Microsoft CRM application.  The headers link to downloads for just the specific function, not the entire overview provided in the link above.

  • Outlook Integration
    • Menu Bar
    • Toolbar
    • View in CRM
    • Set Parent
    • View Parent
    • Synchronization
    • CRM Online Web Folders
  • Marketing
    • Campaign Management
    • Campaign Planning
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Campaign Execution
    • Lead Import
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
    • Case Management
    • Integrated KB
    • Contract Management
    • Service Scheduling
    • Service Analytics (demonstrating Export to Dynamic Pivot table)

This presentation was built to support a CRM Online overview and covers most of the main functionality.  Feel free to use this in lieu of live presentations if needed, to gain a better understanding of the functionality or to simply practice your demonstration flow.


- Eric Boocock