I recently was asked a interesting question from a customer.

Within the Service functionality, you can utilize pre-built data entities for managing contracts that you might have with customers. Contracts can be used to hold entitlement for a customer. An example would be a service agreement or a customer loyalty program. Contracts have a system relationship with the case entity. Cases are used to track customer request, questions, issues, etc. Having access to customer contracts in the service case's is very useful when managing customer cases.

The question was how can I remove the contracts from the case forms ?

You an adjust the security role so that the role does not have rights to the contract functionality. This will remove it from the user interface.

In order to customize the case form to remove the contract fields.

Step 1 Create a new tab on the case form. Call it Hide Me

Step 2 Create a section on the new tab on the case form. Call it Hide Me.

Step 3 Move the contract fields to the Hide Me Form.

Step 4 Inside the Load Event for the form, under Form Properties.

Add tabxTab.style.display = 'none';

Where x is the order number of the tab, first tab being 0 based. So the 3 tab on the form is 2  - tab2Tab.style.display = 'none';

This will hide the tab and the fields on it.

You can test your script be clicking on the Preview button at the top of the form editor