With the tough Economic times going on right now Microsoft is offering 0% financing to new CRM and ERP Customers. Please review complete details on ParnerSource here: 0% Financing Info

How the 0% Financing promotion can help you:

  • Drive new sales by introducing the 0% interest promotion to qualified customers and create a compelling reason for them to acquire the total solution they need from Microsoft Dynamics at the time their organization needs it to remain competitive and build for the future
  • Help increase revenue by focusing on new customers and utilizing this  compelling promotional offer to further assist your customers in acquiring the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions their business needs rather than what they can afford today 
  • Demonstrate commitment in the current climate to help your customers build a Microsoft Dynamics solution that will help them build a platform for growth while recognizing they may face challenges to budget which the 0% promotion could help overcome