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May, 2011

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    Independent Study Demonstrates Productivity Gains and ROI of 243 Percent for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


    Visit the Microsoft News Center to review the press release highlighting some great third-party research conducted by Forrester Consulting on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I've included a snippet below. And don't forget about the great pricing and incentives we have available for a limited time!

    REDMOND, Wash. — May 3, 2011 — Microsoft Corp. today released the results of a Microsoft-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, "The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011," May 2011. The Total Economic ImpactTM, a standard methodology developed by Forrester Research Inc., captures and quantifies the voice of the customer relative to technology investments. This study concludes that a 2,000-employee composite organization with an initial deployment of 50 users would experience a three-year, risk-adjusted ROI of 243 percent over a payback period of 4.1 months. Forrester Consulting credits the familiar, intelligent and connected experiences delivered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as fundamental to the ROI and rapid payback period.

    More information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as a free 30-day trial, is available here. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available at a promotional price of $34 (U.S.) per user per month for the first 12 months of service to qualified customers that sign up by June 30, 2011.

    Also, United States–based companies without an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription may be eligible to receive $200 for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online User Subscription license acquired. This offer is valid until May 28, 2011.


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    The Big Easy Offer 2011 Now Available through June 30, 2011


    Announcing the new Big Easy Offer for 2011!

    The offer will run from May 2, 2011 through June 30, 2011.

    About The Big Easy Offer 2011

    The Big Easy Offer 2011 allows US customers who make a qualifying purchase to earn a partner subsidy. Similar to previous Big Easy Offers, you can benefit from subsequent purchases of software solutions, hardware and / or services by customers cashing in their subsidy checks.

    What’s new about The Big Easy Offer 2011?

    1. A simplified payout structure  – a single payout percentage to be applied on a per product basis, regardless of the number of product groups included in the agreement
    2. At least 2x payout on Open annuity – helping our partners drive the annuity focus through Open Value and Open Value Subscription licensing programs
    3. Relatively higher payouts on growth and emerging solutions – enabling you to catalyze small and mid-sized business adoption of Virtualization and server management, and Security and Identity solutions

    Your call to action

    Familiarize yourself with the Offer details. The full Offer Bill of Materials can be downloaded from the Microsoft Partner Network portal.

    Alert your customers. Attached for your convenience is the customer-ready email template. (From May 2, you can direct your customers here where they can access the subsidy calculator, list of included products, redemption form, and the complete Offer Terms and Conditions.)

    If you have any questions, email

    We are confident The Big Easy Offer 2011 will help you close out the quarter strong!


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