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May, 2011

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    New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Technical and non-Technical Learning Plans Now Available


    The momentum for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 continues to build. Over the next next several months a variety of resources will roll out as we head toward August 2011. Keep in touch with the latest insights by following the Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX blog.

    We are pleased to announce the availability of new role-based learning plans for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The role tailored learning plans are designed to provide readiness guidance to partners on how to prepare according to their role in the sale and implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution.

    The learning plans are grouped according to expertise levels and by role:

    Non-Technical Roles

    • Leader
    • Marketing Specialist
    • Sales Specialist
    • Presales Specialist
    • Project Manager

    Technical Roles

    • Consultant
      • Application
      • Technology
    • Application Developer
    • Solution Architect

    Access the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 role-tailored learning plans on PartnerSource. Also, we are pleased to offer a web seminar series highlighting the new features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

    Make sure to visit the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 partner launch portal for ongoing updates and resources.


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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Demo Tools and Materials Now Available


    The tools and resources to help you throughout the presales and sales process associated with the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 keep coming!

    On this PartnerSource page you’ll find demo tools and materials which you can use to help familiarize yourself with the new application functionality and enhancements available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 release. The materials include videos, demo scripts, virtual machine image, documentation, and much more.


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    How Microsoft Partner,, Uses Microsoft Dynamics ERP Offers to Increase Sales


    Continuing our feature articles highlighting various Microsoft Dynamics partners demonstrating success by incorporating Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers into their marketing and sales efforts, today’s post focuses on a Microsoft partner based in New York City, NY.

    Microsoft partner,, has leveraged Microsoft Dynamics ERP promotions to reinvigorate their prospects’ interest in making a purchasing decision. They also have implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM internally to manage their marketing lists and campaigns.

    As Derek Nachimow, Marketing Manager, explains:

    "We have found Microsoft’s ERP promotions to be a great tool for reigniting – and eventually winning – deals that had stalled for one reason or another. Not only does a promotion give the prospect a greater incentive to act, it also gives us, the partner, a reason to get in touch with that prospect again; it’s an excellent tool for opening up a dialogue that had gone stale.

    And we ultimately owe the success we’ve had with Microsoft’s ERP promotions to Microsoft CRM and how we leverage it internally. By utilizing Marketing Lists – and now, Dynamic Marketing Lists in CRM 2011 – we maintain a dynamic list of our "stalled prospects" based on our own internal definition. This allows us to easily create a marketing campaign and communicate with our stalled prospects via email and then phone, whenever a new promotion is announced. Based on our own internal testing, we have found this to be most effective when we re-initiate contact with an email that directs that prospect to a landing page, specific to the promotion, on our own site." is a Microsoft Gold ERP competency partner located in New York. They have been selling and implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions since 2001.

    Learn More about Offers

    There a variety of promotions and offers available for a limited time between now and June 2011 for United States based existing customers and prospective customers. Visit PartnerSource to access the FY11 Offer Summary Sheets for complete details.

    For more information regarding the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Buy 1, Get 3 Offer navigate to the offer homepage on


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    Your Guide to Microsoft Dynamics Content & Sessions at WPC 2011 - Register Today!


    If you are still contemplating your attendance at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, CA July 11-14, check out these great highlights below courtesy of our Microsoft Dynamics Event Team and get registered today! If you have already registered for the conference, thank you! We hope you enjoy the experience as well as the networking with your fellow Microsoft partners, ISV’s, and key Microsoft executives and team members.

    Additionally, for United States based partners take some time to review US specific activities happening at WPC.

    Attend WPC this year to EDUCATE yourself and get EXCITED about the business opportunities that are present through ERP and CRM. As there are many activities occurring through this four-day event that will ENERGIZE you and the rest of the Dynamics community, we want to provide you with details on Microsoft Dynamics specifics to help you navigate WPC.

    • Be sure to visit the main WPC event site for information on the event agenda, WPC awards program, and more.
    • Use Session Scheduler. Once you register, you may build your own agenda with the sessions that are most relevant to you. Check out the Session Scheduler, sort by Microsoft Dynamics and plan your schedule now! Note: you need to be logged in with your Live ID to access and this is not a placeholder for sessions where attendance is first-come, first-serve.
    • Utilize your Microsoft Dynamics pocket guide which will be available during the event. It contains details and specific information for Microsoft Dynamics partners making it easy to navigate WPC. Although a printed Microsoft Dynamics pocket guide will be available onsite, you can visit PartnerSource the first week of July and download prior to arriving at WPC.
    • Utilize WPC Connect – one of the biggest benefits of attending WPC is the networking opportunity it provides, so be sure to take advantage of WPC Connect and the WPC Connect Wall to network with Microsoft’s worldwide partners.

    We have an outstanding program waiting for you!

    Three keynote presentations:

    1. Vision Keynote: This is the first time that Microsoft Dynamics will be represented on-stage during a vision keynote. Don’t miss Corporate Vice President Kirill Tatarinov speak on Tuesday, July 12.
    2. Two Value Keynotes, presented by Microsoft Dynamics Vice President Doug Kennedy on Monday, July 11 and Microsoft Dynamics Vice President Michael Park on Tuesday, July 12 they will speak on Microsoft’s Vision: Technology + Business and Opportunities Today. Both are a must see!

    Microsoft Dynamics Breakout Sessions

    With over 20 sessions in the Microsoft Dynamics track at WPC you can learn from Microsoft executives, external experts and other partners how to improve your business results. If you want to learn about Microsoft Dynamics’ FY12 product launches and go-to-market initiatives, if you want to understand how top partners succeed and if you want to hear how, for example, verticalization and cloud can accelerate your growth, then don’t miss these sessions! More details about the Microsoft Dynamics Sessions can be found in the session catalog.

    Plan to arrive early, sessions will fill up fast!

    WPC 2011 Solution Innovation Center (Expo Hall)-Sponsor and Exhibitor opportunities are still available but going quickly!

    The 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference launches the new Solution Innovation Center for the 2011 event. Join more than 200 partners from around the world, the Solution Innovation Center (located in the Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall), will be the center of this year’s event where the newest technologies, solutions, products and services will be showcased.

    With an estimated 10,000 worldwide partners joining us this year, plus Microsoft executives, press and analysts sponsoring or exhibiting in the Solution Innovation Center provides an excellent opportunity to achieve your sales and marketing objectives; increase awareness of your company, products and services; and help build new partnerships on a global scale.

    For more information on sponsor or exhibitor opportunities, please contact Marci Eversole, or (206) 935-6135.

    Be sure to visit the Microsoft Dynamics booth within the Solution Innovation Center where we will have demo stations & a theater consisting of Dynamics focused presentations that you will not want to miss!

    Microsoft Dynamics Lounge connects you with other partners and Microsoft employees in an unstructured environment. Come by the lounge located in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center (near the meal hall) and take advantage of the wireless network, recharge your batteries and your phone.

    WPC 2011 Awards

    The 2011 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) Award submissions (over 3,000!) are being judged now, award winners will be publicly announced in June. Thank you all for submitting your innovative solutions and services for a Microsoft WPC 2011 Award.

    Don’t forget to REGISTER NOW for WPC 2011. Questions? Contact the Microsoft Dynamics Event Team. We look forward to seeing you at WPC!


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    Updated Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


    We've recently posted the May 2011 edition of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction on CustomerSource.

    Microsoft has delivered significant innovation and value in customer relationship management (CRM) software with the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, a flexible CRM solution that provides the power of productivity through familiar, intelligent, and connected experiences for organizations of all sizes worldwide. This Statement of Direction (SoD) outlines the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM over the short and longer term.

    Mike Snyder, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP, from Sonoma Partners has provided a great overview of the SoD on his company's blog.


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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Spring Season Offer for Existing Customers


    The temperature is starting to heat up, and I hope your sales are too! Spring is in full swing and now you have a compelling reason for your customers to expand the footprint of their existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

    Now is a great time to connect with your customers and talk to them about expanding their ERP solution with this special "Microsoft Dynamics ERP Spring Season Offer." From May 1, 2011 through the end of the business day June 24, 2011 existing Microsoft Dynamics customers (US & Canada) can purchase additional user licenses for up to 20% off of the standard price list for their current Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.

    What’s more, customers only have to purchase a minimum of 2 licenses to be eligible for the discount and the discount can be applied on up to 20 additional user license purchases.

    Visit PartnerSource for complete offer conditions.


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    Microsoft Dynamics May 2011 News & Highlights


    Wondering what the hot topics are for the month of May? Worried you have to sift through volumes of articles on various websites? Don’t worry. We have answers. Take a time out and watch our Microsoft Dynamics May 2011 PartnerSource North America Highlights video. You’ll receive a quick update in 4 minutes!


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    Walk, Run, and Sprint to the Finish Line with Microsoft Dynamics in FY11


    24 hours from today I will have (hopefully) and successfully wrapped up another great run during the annual Fargo Marathon. The conversations associated with distance running can be quite interesting from multiple perspectives. Here are a couple I typically hear:

    • You are training for the marathon?!
      • We'll I'm "only" running in the 10k.
    • How far is a 10K?
      • 6.2 miles.
    • Jeepers, I can't even run 2 miles!

    To put this into perspective as a partner, have you been working on some opportunities that feel like you are running a full marathon with no end in sight? Or are you building repeatable marketing and sales processes to turn the marathon into a 5k or 10k run? You need to determine the ideal pace to ensure success. Personally, I know I can have more success and wins building my skills around the shorter races rather than the extensive big one.

    You also need to decide whether or not you have the capacity to win the shorter races, or should you focus on the longer race.

    Wish me luck at the Fargo Marathon! And I especially wish you luck throughout the remainder of FY11 and beyond!


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    Practical Q4 Closing Strategies Web Seminar – Part II – Continued with Offers


    Onika Allen, lead project manager of the Microsoft Dynamics Sales Professional Community, passes along this great information regarding two web seminars targeted at building your sales skills. These calls are being held to provide an aid throughout the FY11 Q4 sales cycle.

    Due to the overwhelming success of the practical closing Q4 strategies session in May, we are pleased to announce the extension of the session to include additional training on objection handling, a very relevant topic for closing Q4 deals. We will also showcase Q4 offers plus highlight partner best practices who have utilized these offers to close business.

    To increase the probability of achieving your Q4 sales objectives through proven, pragmatic closing strategies, make time to attend this session on Wednesday, June 1 at 11:00 AM Pacific,

    Visit the Partner Learning Center to register or learn more.

    If you missed the first call, read some of the great partner feedback below, and register to attend the on demand session.

    "Absolutely excellent!", "Very timely and a great refresher for solution selling.", "To the point. Quick, but rich.", "Excellent approach, very well explained", "This was the best strategic sales webinar I have ever attended - hands down.", "The presentation had practical advice, much of which I happened to experience as well in my sales call activity."


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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Leadership Series On Demand Training Now Available


    You heard the announcements at Convergence surrounding the vision to take Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions to the cloud, but you may still have many of questions of how this impacts you as a Microsoft Dynamics partner.

    The partner readiness team is pleased to announce the availability of the on demand training video series – Transitioning to the Cloud Leadership Series: Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

    This training leverages key learning from the Cloud transition training delivered at January 2011 Business Leader Roadshow and best practices identified from our Cloud Velocity pilot participants.

    The training discusses the transitional shift of moving to the cloud in four critical functional areas: Business Model Impact, Sales and Service Delivery Transition and Marketing to Acquire Customers in the Cloud. The three topics are each broken into two (2), easy to consume 30-minute video segments (total of six segments).

    This training is a continuation to journey of business transformation for our partners and follows several tools in market including:

    Visit PartnerSource to find more information regarding Software-plus-Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.


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