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July, 2011

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    Fiscal Year 2011 Distinction in Marketing Award Winners Announced


    I wanted to extend a huge congratulations to the latest round of winners in the United States Distinction in Marketing Awards for Microsoft Dynamics. It's always enjoyable to read about these success stories, and witness the ongoing creativity Microsoft Dynamics partners showcase throughout their marketing efforts. Several Microsoft individuals take part in the review process, and are excited to pass along this information.

    Microsoft is pleased to announce the Fiscal Year 2011 Distinction in Marketing Award recipients. This honor is bestowed to companies who demonstrate a marketing campaign for Microsoft Dynamics products during Microsoft’s Fiscal Year 2011. Recipients were selected from nominations and the winners were chosen based upon their marketing objectives, plans, and results from the previous year.

    Partners Selected for a 2011 Distinction in Marketing Award:

    These partners will receive an executive marketing trip to Redmond, WA where the marketing manager and partner principal will participate in a one day summit with Microsoft marketing executives and other Distinction in Marketing Award winners; an award plaque; and peer recognition in a FY12 Q1 Microsoft Dynamics Partner Marketing Community Call.

    • Junction Solutions, LLC – Best Overall Marketing Campaign
    • ProTech Associates, Inc – Best New Customer Lead Generation Campaign
    • PowerObjects –Best Existing Customer Campaign
    • Columbus IT Partner USA, Inc. – Best P2P Marketing Campaign
    • mcaConnect, LLC – Best Industry Targeted Campaign

    2011 Honorable Mention

    These partners will be recognized among their peers in a FY12 Q1 Microsoft Dynamics Partner Marketing Community Call.

    • NextCorp Ltd. – for the launch and demand generation for their SMBSuite Cloud offering
    • InterDyn Artis – for commitment and results in their annual EC marketing activities

    Watch PartnerSource and the US Sales and Marketing News Insights for an upcoming web seminar where our award winners will share insights to their campaign successes.

    UPDATE 8/23/2011

    Please join us September 15, 2011 at 11:00 A.M. Pacific for a best practices showcase in marketing. Learn from the successes of your marketing peers in this 90 minutes session where we will hear from each of the 2011 Distinction in Marketing Award winning partners. They will overview their campaigns, highlight their key success factors and leave you with ideas, tips and inspiration to turn up the heat on your Microsoft Dynamics marketing campaigns.

    Register today on the Partner Learning Center.


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    Microsoft recognized by Gartner as a Leader and Visionary in 2011 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation


    In case you missed it, last week on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog, Brad Wilson (General Manager Microsoft Dynamics CRM), discussed the recent recognition by Gartner of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Leader and Visionary in Sales Force Automation.

    According to Wilson, we are pleased to see Microsoft acknowledged by Gartner as a Leader for the on-premises version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and as a Visionary for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, in the latest Gartner Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant.  This year, Gartner chose to evaluate Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises and online as separate products.

    To learn more about these recent achievements, visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog.

    Click here to read the full Gartner report.


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    Get Your New Consultants Ramped and Ready with Tips on the World of Consulting


    Have you recently hired any young professionals to your organization that will be focused on technical consulting? If so, the Microsoft Students2Business (S2B) team has recently launched a series of web seminars focused on the career of a consultant. This 4-part series is currently available on-demand, so your employees have access the materials at any time.

    Visit the Partner Learning Center to access the complete Microsoft Students to Business Consultant Series, or simply click on one of the specific courses below.

    Microsoft Consultant Series (1 of 4): Introduction to Consulting

    This web seminar provides basic definitions of consulting vs. related careers, the roles of consultants, why customers hire and engagement consultants, and how consultants contribute to the success of customer engagements.

    Microsoft Consultant Series (2 of 4): Survival Tips for New Consultants

    Consulting is an exciting and rewarding career, but due to the nature of the career, it also poses certain challenges or risks.  This web seminar session shares some basic insights regarding surviving and thriving in the consultant role.

    Microsoft Consultant Series (3 of 4): The Profile of the Consummate Professional Consultant (Part I)

    As with other careers, certain consultants just "stand out" as the model, or stalwart to which others aspire.  Often referred to as "The consummate professional", this image is, in no small part attributable to behavioral standards referred to by Cliff Hay from Pyramid Practice Services, LLC. as "The 20 Axioms of Behavioral Success".  This web seminar session addresses the first ten Axioms.

    Microsoft Consultant Series (4 of 4): The Profile of the Consummate Professional Consultant (Part II)

    As with other careers, certain consultants just "stand out" as the model, or stalwart to which others aspire.  Often referred to as "The consummate professional", this image is, in no small part attributable to behavioral standards referred to by Cliff Hay from Pyramid Practice Services, LLC. as "The 20 Axioms of Behavioral Success".  This web seminar session address the remaining ten Axioms.

    For more information regarding the S2B program in relation to Microsoft Dynamics, and the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance, visit PartnerSource.


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    Announcing Nurture Butterfly - A Complete Social Media Solution for US Microsoft Dynamics Partners


    For those of you looking to get started in social media marketing, or perhaps create a more robust process around your social media engines, our Microsoft Dynamics US marketing team has created a new resource to assist you. Allison Dawson, Partner Marketing Manager, shares this information...

    The US Microsoft Dynamics Marketing team is offering partners a comprehensive social media solution called Nurture Butterfly! Nurture Butterfly is a solution that allows partners to consume and share high quality social media content that is relevant and valuable for BDMs.

    The FY12 offering leverages core social media content from Microsoft (such as Microsoft Dynamics AX launch content) but augments it to include BDM centric content for both ERP and CRM. Industry content is also available for all priority Industries (Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Professional Services and Public Sector) at no incremental charge. You can opt in or out of whatever content streams best aligns to your business. You have the ability to edit the content we provide, add your own content and follow/share from other highly credible sources from within the tool. The solution also includes lead capture and reporting. With the Nurture Butterfly solution you start with content and a platform that significantly reduces the time you need to spend to integrate social media into your marketing:

    • It takes less than 30 minutes to set up.
    • For partners just starting with a social media strategy you can invest as little as 30 minutes a week to share content and engage with others.
    • For partners with an advanced social media strategy – use Butterfly to save time and add depth to your social media efforts with polls, lead capture, shout out and other features.

    The total cost for the Butterfly Publisher solution with content is $125 per month (payable monthly, no long term commitment required). Partners who sign up before August 30th get their first 30 days free!

    Learn more and sign up today by visiting PartnerSource.

    Also, attend this on demand web seminar on the Partner Learning Center to see the solution in action!


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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365 Integration


    Last month I wrote about a variety of resources available to partners demonstrating the opportunities associated with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.

    Now, courtesy of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team, I'm happy to share addtional details regardiing the Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration. As the team explains...

    Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV brings you value through the power of platform choice and speed of deployment with Microsoft Office 365. This is the right time to start planning for a Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365 deployment. Start discussions now with your customers who will influence the thinking and decision-making processes surrounding Microsoft Office 365 deployment.

    The interoperability and integration that exists between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 365 is one of your most important competitive advantages. This amplifies and accelerates the value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management solutions, particularly when combined with the Microsoft Office 365 offering, can meet your customers’ business demands by providing end-to-end connected solutions that:

    • Easily integrate within existing systems, enabling deep interoperability with the applications people use every day.
    • Utilize familiar tools and formats that make sense for individual jobs.
    • Facilitate informed, timely, and confident decisions. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can help your customers build a foundation for the future that goes beyond standalone applications to extend their traditional ERP systems throughout their organization and into the cloud.

    Visit PartnerSource for more information including a sales discussion guide and supporting PowerPoint presentations.


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    Transform Your Business – Become a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner today!


    World-class customer experiences begin with your people. When you give them the right tools to boost their productivity and amplify their impact, you equip your organization for success. And that is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software is designed to do.

    Take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM partnership offers and benefits. Whether your company does software development, consulting, training, or licensing, you’ll be uniquely positioned to:

    • Build your business on an industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform.
    • Choose from five ways to generate revenue as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner.
    • Leverage the cost-saving benefits of cloud-based or on-premises deployment models.
    • Introduce customers to your solutions through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. 
    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    Customers perceive the cloud as a way to increase time to value. They’re looking to roll out the solution faster, often through proof-of-concept deployments to quickly ascertain the impact it can have on their business and then expand the footprint over time.  We delivered a session at our Worldwide Partner Conference that you don’t want to miss. This session covers selling strategies that enable you to deliver on that promise by employing selling tips and tricks as well as Microsoft resources such as the Business Value Planning Services (BVPS) program to drive prospects from trial to subscription in 30 days or less. The net result for you is a lower cost of sale and a more productive sales team.

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

    With a strong balance sheet, consistent growth, a long-term commitment to innovation, and thousands of world-class engineers, you can be secure in your choice of Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has seen impressive momentum in the CRM market and is recognized as a leader in the CRM industry by many third-party experts and analyst firms. Watch this video to learn more.


    If you are based in the United States, contact us at: or 800.456.0025, Option 3

    Click here to try Microsoft Dynamics CRM today.

    Explore the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketplace.


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    2win Class Prices to Increase as of October 1, 2011 - Attend Classes Now to Save Money!


    Our partner readiness team passes along this important announcement to make you are registering for upcoming classes in the near term to ensure you receive a lower cost.

    If you plan to attend the Demo2win, Discovery2win, or Value2win courses, make sure you register for our August or September classes to take advantage of the $399 per class price.

    Effective October 1, 2011, our 2win class prices will raise to $500 per class, a cost similar in pricing to our other sales courses. Save money by registering for our August or September classes now.

    The upcoming courses schedule is listed on PartnerSource.


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    Getting Started with PartnerSource – New Online Video Tutorials


    The PartnerSource web portal has consistently continued to be a valuable resource for partners in the 10 years since the Microsoft acquisition of Great Plains Software. PartnerSource is your online gateway to information and resources for Microsoft Dynamics. This extranet website is available exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics–focused partners. PartnerSource is the primary tool you’ll use to support your Microsoft Dynamics customers, manage your financial transactions, gain marketing and sales support and get you and your staff trained.

    One challenge we continue to hear from partners is the inability to find content on PartnerSource. One option to help alleviate this challenge is by better understanding the services PartnerSource offers, and with any luck, improving your navigation experience.

    To aid in this process of improving your PartnerSource experience, we’ve recently created a series of quick videos that can help you get started with some key functionality in PartnerSource.

    To access the videos visit (of course) PartnerSource! You find videos dedicated to both PartnerSource and VOICE.

    Also, if you are a partner based in the United States or Canada, don’t forget to change your PartnerSource site preferences to PartnerSource North America.


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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Countdown to the Cloud Training & Offer


    Many partners continue to see their customers and prospects inquiring about cloud-based business solutions. Do you have a firm understanding of the requirements needed to determine your organization’s ability to focus on the cloud?

    Delivering on our commitment to the cloud and responding to increased interest from customers, Microsoft Dynamics has announced our intent to deliver the next version of each of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. That means the next versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics SL will all take advantage of this exciting new platform to allow our customers unparalleled flexibility in deploying cloud solutions throughout their organizations.

    Countdown to the Cloud Training

    The ERP market is shifting to the cloud, and the time to plan how your business will transition is NOW.

    The Microsoft Dynamics Transition to the Cloud Leadership Video Series offers 30-minute online training courses to help business leaders understand:

    • How a transition to the cloud can amplify the value of their solutions
    • How a transition to the cloud will impact their business model
    • How to begin planning for the transition to the cloud

    Visit PartnerSource to access the complete video series.

    Countdown to the Cloud Training Offer

    As a US-based Microsoft partner attending 4 of the 6 videos in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Transitioning to the Cloud Leadership series, you will become eligible for a 1:1 cloud readiness consultation voucher, up to a $500 value. The consulting engagement vouchers can only be used with pre-approved vendors.

    To qualify for the offer, partners must complete the online video courses between July 2, 2011 and August 31, 2011 and all consulting engagements must be completed by September 30.

    This offer ends at 5:00 PM (PDT) on August 31, 2011, or after ten partners have qualified for and obtained consulting engagement vouchers, whichever occurs first.

    Review additional eligibility criteria and resources on PartnerSource.


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    Microsoft Dynamics July 2011 News & Highlights


    Wondering what the hot topics are for the month of July? Worried you have to sift through volumes of articles on various websites? Don’t worry. We have answers. Take a time out and watch our Microsoft Dynamics July 2011 PartnerSource North America Highlights video. You’ll receive a quick update in 4 minutes!


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