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October, 2011

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    Microsoft Dynamics Partner Service Plans – Your Guide to the Right Plan & Services


    As many of you know, the next generation Microsoft Dynamics Partner Service Plans launched on July 1, 2011. Recently, the partner services team has created some additional documentation to ensure you are selecting the proper plan for your partner organization.

    Per the services team, a Partner Service Plan for Microsoft Dynamics is a smart investment in your business. It offers the training, tools, and support you need to help achieve your business goals. It is also an excellent value because you can access the services you need at a very competitive and reasonable cost. Choose the plan that is geared to your organization’s needs:

    Check out these resources and learn more today!


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    Kati Unplugged: ERP Cloud Trends at Directions 2011


    Countdown to the Cloud banner

    A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

    Kati color 2004The Directions 2011 event in Orlando earlier this month offered the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud team opportunities to connect with Microsoft Dynamics NAV business partners and gain both a closer and broader perspective on the business. The team noticed a marked shift in partners’ interest in cloud solutions, and a more positive outlook on the business in general. In this first blog in the Kati Unplugged series, we’ll get a view from the field from Dan Youngers, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Champion, West Region.


    At Directions this year we witnessed a 180-degree shift in partners’ attitudes about incorporating cloud solutions into their businesses. In 2010 many of the partners at Directions weren’t considering the cloud delivery model in their business plans. This year Microsoft Dynamics hosting partners are seeing a substantial uptick in interest from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner channel looking at incorporating cloud solutions into their offerings.

    This change in mindset is a result of several factors:

    • Nearly all ERP vendors are now offering a cloud solution or are messaging around the cloud.
    • Competitors not already offering cloud solutions are bringing the cloud discussion to the table and beginning to think about how they will bring cloud solutions to market.
    • The Directions event featured more than 10 cloud breakout sessions, and these sessions were among the most attended.
    • Partners are beginning to see the writing on the wall: If they are not seriously thinking about transitioning to the cloud, in just a year or two they will be behind other Microsoft Dynamics channel partners and it will be harder to catch up.

    The bottom line: It’s time for partners to get moving and figure out how to incorporate cloud solutions into their business plans. Visit the Microsoft Dynamics Countdown to the Cloud page on PartnerSource for more information.

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    Microsoft Dynamics ERP Accelerated Sales Process Web Seminar Series for Partners


    The United States partner training & readiness team has recently built out this great on demand web seminar series to help Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners put together a more consistent and accelerated sales process. According to their PartnerSource article…

    Changing prospect buying behaviors, competitive sales tactics and increasing SaaS adoption are all driving a need to accelerate sales cycles and lower sales costs. This series identifies the differences between a traditional strategic five-phase sales process and an accelerated three step process, and then explores strategies, tactics and the underlying sales artifacts that support a partner’s ability to predictably close a higher volume of profitable opportunities.

    To execute an accelerated sales strategy, partners must:

    • Define qualification criteria that clearly identifies accelerated sales process opportunities
    • Develop and implement sales cycle control documentation
    • Establish selection process and criteria alignment with the buyer
    • Standardize and automate repeatable sales cycle activities
    • Improve sales professional "soft skills" questioning/listening, objection handling and closing skills

    For a deeper exploration of the characteristics and mechanics of an accelerated sales process and methodology please attend the follow-on Accelerated Sales Process training sessions (Phase 1: Qualification; Phase 2: Proof; Phase 3: Close).

    To access the complete series of sessions visit PartnerSource.


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    Marketing Materials and Resources for New FY12 Microsoft Dynamics ERP Offers


    Mosey a gander over to PartnerSource and you’ll find a plethora of fantastic resources to utilize within your marketing and sales efforts when promoting the new FY12 offers for new & existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers.

    For the SMB ERP Sales Offer – "Give Me 5" (new business), we have provided:

    • Ten tips for maximizing Microsoft offers guidance
    • Customer facing slide
    • Email messaging templates for demand generation
    • Flyer – leave with prospects
    • Online banners & images
    • Copy blocks for email and social media

    And, for the License Model Transition (LMT) Offer (existing customers), we have introduced:

    • Web seminars
    • Publically accessible website explaining customer benefits
    • Product capability guidance
    • LMT Policy
    • To Customer – Partner Templates

    Don’t forget to review all current offers in market by accessing the Offer Summary Sheet on PartnerSource.

    Good luck selling!


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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Delivers Social Productivity to Customers


    We are excited to announce the new service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM featuring social collaboration capabilities as well as a unified Office 365 experience and new enterprise cloud features.

    REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 25, 2011 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM November 2011 service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, as well as for on-premises and partner-hosted deployments.

    Delivering on its commitment to make sales, service and marketing professionals more productive, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM November 2011 service update brings customers new integrated social collaboration capabilities, as well as a unified Microsoft Office 365 experience and enhancements for enterprises using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud. These new features are delivered at no additional cost to customers and add functionality to the experiences and tools that they’re already using.

    "Across Microsoft, we deliver social capabilities that help customers and businesses build more productive relationships," said Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group. "By bringing together new social collaboration capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with familiar collaboration technologies such as Office, SharePoint and Lync, businesses will be able to expand their relationships with customers and gain even deeper insight and understanding."

    Access the complete press release on the Microsoft News Center.

    Additionally, read Brad Wilson’s new blog post Building Your Business Hub: Using the Power of Social for a More Productive Enterprise on the official Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog – the CRM Connection.


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    Aberdeen Group Offers White Paper Discounts up to 66 Percent Off for Microsoft Dynamics Partners


    Our United States Microsoft Dynamics marketing team shares this information about another Marketing Service Bureau Pre-Launch special offer.

    Aberdeen Group is offering professionally written white papers at discounts of up to 66 percent.

    Microsoft Dynamics partners pay just $3,750 instead of $10,000 for each white paper, with perpetual usage rights.

    Purchase three white papers for a flat license fee of $10,000 – that’s like getting three for the price of one!

    Don’t wait! This is a time-sensitive promotion and limited to the five papers listed below.

    • ERP White Paper No. 1: Aberdeen addresses what an average company can expect to pay for ERP and the resultant business benefits from a successful implementation.
    • ERP White Paper No. 2: Aberdeen looks at the tangible performance enhancements that SMEs are achieving through ERP deployment.
    • ERP White Paper No. 3: Highlights from Aberdeen’s sixth annual benchmark survey, exploring best-in-class approaches to ERP strategy and performance.
    • CRM White Paper No. 1: Explore how best-in-class companies take a holistic approach to providing a complete view of customers to improve satisfaction and retention.
    • CRM White Paper No. 2: Aberdeen provides key insights into sales mobility deployments.

    For more information visit PartnerSource.


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    Microsoft Dynamics Partner Monthly US Regional Calls – November/December 2011


    Connect with the Microsoft Dynamics United States Regional teams during these regularly occurring monthly web seminars.

    East Region - registration details

    The goal of the East Region Monthly Microsoft Dynamics Partner Calls is to provide a forum where you can get the information you need to leverage the programs, resources and best practices that we develop and discover to accelerate your business and enrich your partnership with Microsoft. Each call features East Region representatives and includes focused segments allowing deeper conversations and questions.

    • November 15, 6:00AM PT
    • December 20, 6:00AM PT

    Central Region - registration details

    The Central Region Monthly Microsoft Dynamics Partner Calls are intended to help keep partners up to date on new programs, new offerings, and the latest sales-readiness information. Each month, various individuals from the Central Region and Microsoft corporate teams will regularly cover both sales and light technical-readiness topics.

    • November 18, 9:30AM PT
    • December 16, 9:30AM PT

    West Region - registration details

    The West Region Monthly Dynamics Partner Community Calls are intended to help our partners stay informed with new programs, new offerings, and address key marketing business topics that our Partners have requested more guidance/insight into to help drive better marketing results.

    • November 10, 9:00AM PT
    • December 8, 9:00AM PT

    If you are unable to attend the live events, all event materials will be posted to PartnerSource.


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    CfMD Software Solution Test for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is Now Available


    Microsoft is proud to announce that the software solution test for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now available for all partners who wish to have their solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

    According to the PartnerSource announcement, solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product on which they run by passing rigorous software testing for Microsoft Dynamics performed by VeriTest (a service of Lionbridge). This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for partner-developed software solutions for industry-specific business applications. By highlighting these solutions, Microsoft also creates new opportunities for partners to expand their reseller channel and to better promote their packaged Microsoft Dynamics solution for customers.

    Locate the CfMD software solution test for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 requirements on PartnerSource.

    Also, as a Microsoft Dynamics AX focused partner organization, you still have time to register for the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011 being held in Nice, France on November 14-16.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011 will feature three full days of rich functional and technical content across 5 Tracks (Retail, Manufacturing, Service Industries, Public Sector, and Solution Architecture) including the follow sessions:

    • Keynote Sessions (3)
    • Breakout Sessions (60)
    • "Chalk and Talk" Sessions (24)
    • Focus Room Discussions (5)

    To register, visit the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011 website.


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    Partner Success Story: Doing Business in the Cloud, Selling Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online


    According to this recently published white paper, the cloud has fundamentally changed the way that CRM is consumed by organizations. In doing so it is also redefining the role of line of business, IT, and the consulting firms that help deliver it. The same principles of driving improved business performance and user adoption remain intact but the traditional lines of responsibilities are evolving quickly. This evolution is providing both great opportunity and pressure for the aforementioned to adjust their relationships with each other and the value they bring to successfully launching and supporting CRM in the cloud.

    The cloud is presenting an entirely new perspective on how both customers view the world and how partners should align their models to deliver. Learn how one partner transformed their business with this new business model:

    Partner Insights White Paper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

    Download this white paper to get insights to help you sell and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Learn from the experiences of Zero2Ten — a Microsoft Dynamics partner that helped over 200 organizations adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud.

    Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Learn more about becoming a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner by visiting the MPN portal.

    If you are based in the United States, and you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to connect directly with us.

    Contact us at or 1-800-456-0025, Option 3.

    Find. Win. Grow.


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    We are Pleased to Introduce Jeremy Thies as Senior Director, US Microsoft Dynamics Partner Group


    New leader announced to head up Microsoft Dynamics partner strategy in United States.

    Jeremy Thies is a Senior Director focused on working with our Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem in the United States. He has responsibility for Channel and Industry strategy as well as partner recruitment and capacity. His team orchestrates the engagement with our National Partners, VARs and Breadth ISVs and is focused on increasing the capacity of partners through partner readiness, partner marketing and partner programs.

    Jeremy Thies headshot 10172011I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to join the team and working with you through the challenges and opportunities we have in front of us over the next several years. A key criteria for me in taking this role was being a part of the paradigm shift we’re going to see in our business as we realize the potential of the Cloud, as we drive new models and new relationships to bring scale and success to our largest customers, as we double-down on the satisfaction, profitability and growth of your businesses and build scalable engines to maximize our opportunity in Volume and Breadth.

    I’m looking forward to meeting with the teams and our partners in the field or in upcoming events. I know we have a great, highly motivated team and are well-poised to take the opportunity in hand!

    Since joining Microsoft in 2005, Thies has held a variety of customer and partner-facing roles with worldwide and US specific focus, working with internal teams and partners to develop scalable, agile, real-time solutions, processes and programs that allow companies and partners of all sizes to realize their full potential.

    Prior to joining Microsoft, Thies held Sales Strategy, Finance and Six Sigma roles at General Electric.

    Thies holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.

    Thies steps into the role previously held for almost 4 years by David Smith, General Manager, US Microsoft Dynamics Partner Group. Smith recently transitioned to the Worldwide SMB Sales team in July 2011.

    To learn more about the FY12 United States partner strategy, please review the FY12 Partner Business Excellence training series found on PartnerSource.


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