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March, 2012

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    Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Workshops – April 10-11, 2012


    Transform CRM


    As our partner readiness team explains, here is a great opportunity to boost your skills and knowledge of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. This is a one-day course, but we are giving you the option of two dates to attend in April at the Microsoft Technology Center in Minneapolis, MN.

    What is Connector?

    Connector for Microsoft Dynamics helps customers who are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM (either online or on-premise) integrate it with their Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Out of the box, we provide you with baseline integrations that will help you move customer information, inventory and pricing information and sales order between the two systems. Using a web service to web service integration on a scheduled basis, the data moves seamlessly between the two solutions, helping you keep the two systems in sync. Plus, it's easy to modify the baseline integrations to better match how you do business. You can easily synchronize additional fields, adjust the length of time between schedules, or do deeper modifications using the Connector SDK.

    What will be covered?

    Integrated Microsoft Dynamics sales messaging along with the opportunities that an integrated stack provides. We’ll answer questions on strategy and give real-world examples of how selling the integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP stack can work for you. We will also be covering the roadmap for Connector as well as licensing.

    Take an in-depth look at Connector while being guided through a complete end-to-end analysis, installation, configuration, initial data-sync, and continuing maintenance experience in a hands-on lab environment. This section will give you the opportunity to interact with the product and get your questions answered in real-time.

    Who should attend?

    This session will be geared towards Sales, Pre-Sales, Business Analyst, and System Implementers.

    Register to attend this event on the Partner Learning Center.



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    Microsoft Fargo Executive Briefing Center – Increase Sales and Shorten the Sales Cycle


    Welcome to March! As we inch toward the close of Microsoft FY12 Q3, it is an ideal time to think about tapping into some of the key resources Microsoft has to offer to aid our partners during the sales cycle. And being a Microsoft Fargo campus based employee, I feel compelled to share information about one of our very own benefits to partners. The great team behind the Executive Briefing Center in Fargo shared this information with me.

    Use the EBC with your customers

    The Executive Briefing program is one of Microsoft’s most influential sales tools in helping land sales and foster strategic relationships with customers and partners. The program provides you with the facility, the team and the content needed to optimize your sales opportunity and grow the business. Hosting a customer at Fargo’s Executive Briefing Center, or any of Microsoft’s 11 Briefing Centers worldwide, puts them a high-tech boardroom environment specifically designed to spark discussions around how Microsoft can address their business problems and position Microsoft as an industry leader and a trusted advisor. Here, leaders and executives can build strong professional relations with Microsoft representatives and get hands-on information about how innovative technology can change the way they operate.

    Who is the target audience for EBC?

    Partners with prospective customers, partners with existing customers looking to upgrade, partners looking to refresh team knowledge, and prospective partners who are looking for one to one interaction with their partner and Microsoft together.

    What are the benefits to the partner?

    Sales cycles are shortened by an average of three months and new opportunities are discovered during each briefing. You will get your customer or prospect in front of Microsoft employees who are subject matter experts. The Fargo EBC scored 8.27 on a scale of 9 in customer satisfaction. The Fargo EBC has over 165 topics and typically customizes each EBC to fit your needs. All of this at no cost to you!

    The Fargo EBC can also provide Multipurpose rooms for you to host a user group or customer event for up to 200. Because of our expertise on campus in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office, SharePoint, SQL Support, Premier Field Engineering, Windows Mobile, Silverlight, Lync, IT and Connector, your event can be a great mix of partner and Microsoft knowledge to pass onto your customer to help them meet their business needs.

    We find that insight into each other’s realities is mutually beneficial. Therefore, part of the process involves us telling you who we are and why a strong relationship with us can change the way you do business. The result is a joint understanding of how Microsoft technology and services can help you communicate, share information and release potential.

    To book an EBC, email or visit the Executive Briefing Center website for more information. I’ll be happy to give you a big hello when you travel to Fargo!


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    Running, Running, and Even More Running is Fun, Fun, Fun!


    Periodically, I’ll post a non-work related blog leaning toward more personal observations. I hope you still enjoy the read.

    On your marks. Get set. Go!!

    This week I started my annual training for the Fargo Marathon, but I decided to kick up the routine a notch. To clarify, I’m not training for the full 26.2 marathon; I’m gearing up for the 10k race. After running a half marathon a few years back, I’ve realized my glorious flat feet aren’t quite designed nor intended for the rigors of 13.1 miles. Nowadays I try to keep myself limited to races of six miles or less.

    Being passionate about having a very active lifestyle, I regularly workout 6 days a week, so race training doesn’t mean I’m starting back to square one and working my way up. (BTW, I’m also very passionate about ice cream, cookies and other goodies, so working out helps offset the bad caloric intake from the sweets! I blame my British DNA for that vice.) Typically, I’ll run 3 times during the week. On non-running days I usually lift weights and add in the elliptical or some other non-running cardio exercise. This great variety definitely helps keep away the boredom of working out.

    Now, back to this year’s training program. Thanks to the great Hal Higdon, I’ll be stepping up my running workload to 5 days a week. Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve run 5 days a week for some 15 to 20 years, but I’m excited to mix in interval and sprint work into the training. Plus, with a quick eight week program, it’s well worth giving it a shot.

    The Fargo Marathon is such a great event for the local community and my entire family participates through the variety of races for all ages.

    I have the right training plan, and I’m ready to crank up Flo Rida, Chris Brown and other hip hop music to hit the running trail. And I’m aiming for a personal record.

    Wish me luck on May 19, and enjoy your own race to the finish line in FY12!


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    Microsoft Dynamics Community February 2012 Release


    The Microsoft Dynamics Community Team has recently proclaimed the arrival of the refreshed Microsoft Dynamics Community website. The major of changes addressed these areas: Updated User Experience, Home Pages, Forums, Blogs, and Forum Posts and Blog Articles.

    To review a complete rundown of the enhancements, read Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Dynamics Community Team, Eric Parson’s blog post.


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    Learn How Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Can Help Partners Compete to Win!


    This session will provide partners with top learnings and insights from the Fiscal Year 2011 Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Partner-To-Partner pilot, an overview of better together scenarios for Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and give partners a real life demo of the new Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 DemoBuilder tool.

    Attend this upcoming web seminar on Tuesday, March 13 at 9:00AM PT.

    The fiscal year 2012 Partner-To-Partner Program is well underway and we are looking for partners who want to grow their practice with Cloud and deliver results. This session is open to all Microsoft Partners.

    Register to attend.


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    Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 Awards Program – Nominations Now Open



    One of the great things I really enjoy about the WPC Partner Awards is, to participate; partners must submit the nominations themselves. What better way than for you to express the awesomeness of your own organizations and/or solutions?!

    As explained on Digital WPC, award recognition sets you apart from the pack, generates buzz, and showcases best-in-class solutions. Learn about what Partner Awards mean for the companies who have submitted nominations. There are dozens of categories, including some new ones for 2012 suggested by partners. It’s an honor your customers will notice. Review the nomination process at Digital WPC and get a head start on writing your self-nominations. Submit now through April 15, 2012.

    Microsoft Dynamics related Award Categories

    Emerging Technologies and Innovation Awards

    • Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Business Excellence Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace Solution Excellence Partner of the Year

    Microsoft Partner Network Competency Awards

    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner of the Year

    Vertical, Industry, and Segment Awards

    • Microsoft Dynamics Distribution Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Financial Services Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Public Sector Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Dynamics Retail Partner of the Year

    And speaking of partner recognition, don’t forget to review the 2012 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club and Inner Circle program guidelines to ensure your organization is on track this fiscal year.

    Register now for WPC 2012 through April 5, 2012 to take advantage of the $300 early-bird discount.


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    Announcing the new Big Easy Offer 8!


    Our United States Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing team is very excited to pass along this fantastic news. Take a few minutes to bring yourself up to speed on all terms and conditions associated with the offer. Happy selling!

    Big Easy 8

    The Big Easy Offer 8 is back by popular demand!

    The Big Easy Offer 8 is back and the offer is valid from March 5, 2012 through June 30, 2012. 
    Remember, the offer includes online as well as on-premise SKUs!

    About The Big Easy Offer 8

    The Big Easy Offer 8 allows US customers who make a qualifying license purchase to earn a partner subsidy. Similar to previous Big Easy Offers, you can benefit from subsequent purchases of Microsoft software licenses and/or associated services by customers cashing in their subsidy checks.

    What’s new about The Big Easy Offer 8?

    1. Includes Online Services – earn payout percentages on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Windows Intune and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in a single subsidy offer
    2. 2x payout on Open annuity – helping our partners drive the annuity focus through Open Value and Open Value Subscription licensing programs
    3. Relatively higher payouts on growth and emerging solutions – enabling you to catalyze small and mid-sized business adoption of Virtualization and server management, and Security and Identity solutions

    Your call to action

    • Familiarize yourself with the Offer details. The Offer Bill of Materials will available for download from the Microsoft Partner Network portal.
    • You can direct your customers to the Big Easy Offer website where they can access the subsidy calculator, list of included products, redemption form, and the complete Offer Terms and Conditions.

    We are confident The Big Easy Offer 8 will help you close out the quarter strong!


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    Check Out the Convergence 2012 Virtual Partner Keynote Session


    Please take 10 minutes out of your day to review this important update as you prepare for Convergence 2012 in Houston, TX.

    Still looking for a compelling reason to attend Convergence? Well, here are twelve reasons for Microsoft Dynamics partners to attend Convergence 2012.

    The Virtual Partner Briefing is now available and can help partners make the most out of Convergence. Doug Kennedy, Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics Partners & Customer Service Programs, talks about key themes and major announcements that will highlight this year’s event in Houston. In addition, you’ll hear about the Microsoft Dynamics strategy, opportunities for partners, and the new tools Microsoft is providing to help partners be successful. This is a must-see session!

    Access the on demand video via PartnerSource.

    Remember, it’s not too late to register!


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    Microsoft Dynamics Partner Services Catalog & Quick Reference Card


    Staying on top of everything (news, announcements, release information, etc.) that lands on PartnerSource can be very daunting. Ever few months I like to provide a few snippets on this blog on a variety of topics you may have missed. (I also happened to be on vacation this week, so it’s a good way to share updates in a quick, easy manner.) Let’s start with an update from the services team.

    Partner Services Catalog

    Put the full power of Services for Microsoft Dynamics on your team. As a valued Microsoft Dynamics partner, we want you to know the broad and growing array of services available to you, and to make them all easy to access. With Services for Microsoft Dynamics, you have access to tools that help you succeed. Download the Partner Services Catalog.

    Partner Services Quick Reference Card

    We want to make it easy for you to access the broad array of Services for Microsoft Dynamics. Keep this Quick Reference Card handy so you always have all the connections you need, right at your fingertips.


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    Partner Resource Page for Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


    Access this page on PartnerSource which is intended to provide you a consolidated list of published documentation, tools, as well as tips and tricks to aid in the process of upgrading your customers to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

    On the page you’ll find:

    • Top Downloads
    • Related Resources
    • Critical Hotfixes
    • Troubleshooting Tips

    Additional Microsoft Dynamics 2012 resources are found on the partner launch portal.


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