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October, 2012

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    Access the Enhanced Microsoft Dynamics Existing Customer Marketing Homepage


    In an effort to provide our partners with easier access to resource management, we have redesigned the United States Existing Customer marketing homepage on PartnerSource. Bookmark this page and check back often.

    The Existing Customer page provides you with quick and easy access to webcasts scheduled, partner program resources, offers for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and communications to customers.

    You’ll also find quarterly action items as well as the latest existing customer licensing policies.


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    We’re Getting the Word Out—Follow Convergence 2013!



    The Convergence team is hitting the social media “airwaves” with tons of quality content to get you revved up for the top Microsoft Dynamics event of 2013. Check out our social media platforms for more info and insights into how to prepare for Convergence 2013.

    · Get regular updates on the Convergence 2013 Facebook page, connect with other attendees, and let us know if you’re going.

    · Check out a fleet of preview videos relevant to the Microsoft Dynamics community—as they become available—by subscribing to the Convergence YouTube playlist.

    · Get Convergence updates and expand your industry insights—and maybe even widen your circle of business contacts— by joining the Microsoft Dynamics Community LinkedIn group.

    · Stay completely current by following Convergence on Twitter. Our account tag is @MSFTConvergence and the event hashtag is #conv13.

    · Be on top of the latest news and announcements by subscribing to the Convergence blog.

    · Get the full picture, including schedules, speakers, and all other details, at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 event website.

    · New this year! Sign up for the partner-only email alerts to receive details that are just for you, our partners.

    Follow us now—and save the date for Convergence 2013.


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    Take Advantage of Three Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau Special Offers!


    Get your blog started, build your distribution channel, or use social media to identify new opportunities. The latest US Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau special offers can help with all of these requirements! Check out the three new special promotions from Interactive Limited, InsideView, and N3 Niche Cubed.

    · Interactive Limited is offering a special training package for your staff to learn how to optimize website content and blog posts for search rankings and lead generation.

    · InsideView’s Social Selling University is a series of content that is being developed around how social media can be used to identify new opportunities and engage customers/prospects in social networks they spend the most time in.

    · N3 – Niche Cubed’s Channel Development Service enables you to gain a deep understanding of existing channels and the direction required for partner growth.

    Please visit PartnerSource for complete offer details.


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    Kati Unplugged: Why Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud Is MORE than ERP—And What That Means for Customers


    Countdown to the Cloud banner

    A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

    Kati color 2004Most businesses think of an ERP solution as software to help balance the books, manage inventory, create a budget—all the things you would expect an ERP software package to do. And there are a lot of solutions out there that can help.

    But when you can offer your customers a connected experience that combines business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools embedded across business processes—and accessible from mobile devices—it’s more than just ERP.

    This post gives you a taste of what Microsoft Dynamics ERP Director of Product Marketing Errol Schoenfish has to say in his on-demand webcast, part of the new Microsoft Dynamics ERP series for SMBs.


    As a product marketer I work with developers to set product strategy in the business solutions group here at Microsoft. I’ve been in this business at Microsoft 25 years, and I’ve seen lots of change. The constant is that the value to the customer is always the top concern.

    Workforce changes are shaping how we see the role of software in the future. Organizations large and small are becoming more and more mobile, in part to drive down costs. By 2013, 1.2 billion workers will be mobile—that’s 1/3 of the overall workforce. And by 2014, 50% of devices used to access business solutions are expected to be smartphones.

    This situation presents some challenges. Today 84% of organizations have a remote workforce, but on average 85% of datacenter capacity is idle and 70% of IT budgets are spent maintaining datacenter operations. As a business person, I need more mobile information, I have a distributed workforce, my infrastructure is idle, and I spend a lot of money maintaining it. It’s the perfect storm: workers expecting to be mobile on devices that give them business data, constraints on IT budgets, and the hiring of the just-out-of college millennial generation who will expect mobility from day one when they come to work for me.

    Businesses need to think about how people can interact with their solutions. Microsoft has a deep set of products to help deliver on this that spans across business, business/consumer (like Microsoft Office, Skype, and Bing), and devices. We look at the cloud s an opportunity, not an obligation. Customers choose the deployment model, the data center scenario, and the licensing model.

    From inside the solution—from the user’s perspective—here are examples of how Microsoft Dynamics ERP delivers.

    · Customers struggle when they can’t collaborate with people who don’t have full access to the solution. With Microsoft Dynamics solutions, people outside the solution or outside the organization can be given web access to specific reports, charts, graphs, and KPIs via SharePoint or Office 365. And by refreshing the data, it becomes real-time.

    · You can use multiple devices with a common experience. On a Windows Phone you have full access to all of those same reports, charts, graphs, and KPIs. And the Windows RT tablet is just around the corner. This is perfect when you’re getting ready to go on a sales call or meet a supplier.

    · If you’re on a laptop or desktop-in a coffee shop, you have web access to financial, HR, and manufacturing information because it’s been automatically deployed to Office 365. And you can have access from anywhere in the world.

    · Kinect has a software development kit that enables voice and motion to interact with your application. One of our partners built a front-end pick-pack-ship window to GP that allowed them to do pick-pack-ship simply, using motion and voice.

    · Microsoft Dynamics offers a full-featured, cloud-based solution. Some web-based solutions are “flat:” If you’re in a form, you need to exit if you want to do something else because of the browser UI.  With the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, you can view and interact with multiple forms open all at the same time within one browser instance.

    For SMB customers the cloud offers simplicity, agility, and lower overall IT infrastructure costs—and the benefit of a large and active Microsoft Dynamics community.

    To view Errol’s full on-demand webinar, “Business Solutions from Microsoft: It’s more than just Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),” register here.

    To learn more about how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business plans visit the Microsoft Dynamics Countdown to the Cloud page on PartnerSource. Go to for resources that demonstrate to customers how Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions can benefit their businesses.

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    New Licensing Model and Transition Policy for Microsoft Dynamics Existing Customers


    Microsoft is launching Perpetual Licensing, the licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Help small and midsize customers jumpstart into financial insights and distribution management and then easily extend into all functional areas. Please review the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Pricing and Licensing Training Material below to learn about this new model.

    Access the recorded webcast session on the Partner Learning Center to learn more, and review the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Transition Upgrade Policy on PartnerSource.


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    8 Ways to Get Your Customers Motivated for Convergence 2013


    Convergence is the #1 business-building event of the year for many partners, but nothing else happens until you can get your customers signed up and ready to go!

    Here are 8 ideas for getting your team, and your customers, motivated for Convergence:

    1. Rally the Troops – Create an event for your sales, marketing, and customer care teams to get them fired up and fully equipped to engage your customers.

    • Develop an all-out push plan to build excitement and motivate your best customers to attend Convergence.
    • Create incentives to ensure your best customers attend Convergence again, and new customers are added each year.
    • Share success stories from past conferences and strategize to make this year’s Convergence the most successful customer engagement your company has ever attended.
    • Send your team to the Convergence page on PartnerSource to get marketing materials and other information they need to succeed at Convergence.

    2. Get the Word Out – Send an email blast to all your customers, and follow up with personal invitations for the customers you want to make sure attend.

    • Use the email template and make it personal with your own stories of Convergence success.
    • Include quotes from customers who have attended Convergence.
    • Create a communications calendar to regularly remind customers about Convergence. Send reminders two weeks before registration opens, the day registration opens, the week before Early Bird registration ends, and four weeks before Convergence starts.
    • Personalize the Convergence email signature block found on the Convergence page on PartnerSource and include it in your emails.
    • Use Twitter and LinkedIn to post messages. Have your updates auto-post to social media channels. Use hashtag: #CONV13

    3. Host a Webcast – Host a “Why Attend Convergence” webcast the week before registration opens, and personally invite the customers you want to attend Convergence. Record the webcast and share it in future customer communications.

    4. Let Your Customers Do the Talking – Record your customers’ best Convergence stories and share them on your Convergence webpage. Nothing is as effective in communicating the value of attending Convergence as hearing from another customer.

    5. Include Convergence as a Regular Account Review Topic – Make sure Convergence is included as a topic in account reviews year-round, so customers can budget for the conference before the event.

    6. Invite Your Customers to a Convergence Customer Appreciation Dinner – Plan ahead to book a private dinner with all your customers and your team attending Convergence. Plan your dinner well in advance so you can share the date and place with customers attending. This is always a great way to build relationships with your customers, and between customers. And don’t go on the cheap!

    7. Set Up an Easy Way to Communicate with Your Customers While at Convergence – Set up a Twitter feed for your group, and get each attendee’s cell phone number for texting group announcements and updates.

    8. Point Your Customers to Additional Resources – Here are some of the resources you can share with your customers to ensure they have all the information they need to attend Convergence:

    And One More…

    9. Make it Your Own – Instead of thinking of Convergence as a Microsoft event, think of it as a platform for staging your own customer conference, supported by Microsoft. Schedule meetings, invite customers to attend specific events, make plans to socialize together, and encourage every team member to view Convergence not only as a customer marketing event, but as an opportunity to improve your team’s skills and connections, as well.

    New this year! Sign up for the Partner Only Email Alerts to receive details that are just for you, our partners, around Convergence 2013.


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    How Repeatable is Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Demo Strategy… and is it Driving Leads?



    Join the October 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Road to Repeatability Call with the always informative Microsoft Partner Technical Advisor John Dooley for a dive into the strategy, tools and resources available to build and leverage repeatable demo assets across your organization in unique ways to bring down the cost of sale.

    Marketers, sales and presales roles should attend to learn more about the role of the repeatable demo vignette and how it can save you time and money in moving a prospect through the sales cycle.

    This 60-minute session takes place October 17 at 11:00AM PT. Visit the Partner Learning Center to register.


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    Microsoft FY13 Q2 US Big Easy Offer 9 & Cloud Easy Extension


    Great news! The Big Easy Offer 9 was launched on Monday, October 1, and Cloud Easy as you’ve known it in FY13 Q1 was extended through Q2.

    Accelerate new customer purchases between now and December 31, 2012 for customers buying Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premises via Open License and Open Value, or Online buying via direct subscription/online services portal.

    Please access the U.S. Partner Team blog for complete details.


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    Final Countdown to Directions 2012 Registration


    The Directions organizing committee contributed content to this exciting reminder.

    Directions 2012 takes place October 27-30 at The Arizona Biltmore – Phoenix, AZ.

    As we enter the final weeks of taking Directions 2012 registrations we must say a huge thank you! With one of the highest attended Directions conferences this year, we are excited to Connect with so many familiar faces and welcome so many new members!

    Delay winter a little longer and Connect during a game of golf at the Directions Golf Tournament, connect at the Expo where we will watch partners as they turn the "Wheel of Directions" for cool prizes, or connect with partners at the Partner Celebration where we will enjoy numerous activities "Hollywood Style".

    What do you think of the Directions conference? What do you think of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013? Let the Microsoft Dynamics NAV community know by tweeting today! Be sure to include #Directions2012 in all your tweets so that we can create a tsunami of excitement around Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and the Directions conference.

    Top 5 Check-list for Attending Directions 2012

    1) Register for Directions 2012 – All attendees and sponsors should be signed up now!

    2) Review pre-conference learning opportunities and sign up today.

    3) Book your hotel.

    4) Sign Up for the golf tournament.

    5) Download the Directions 2012 Session Agenda (PDF).

    See you there!

    Thank you from your NAV Directions 2012 Organizing Committee

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    Microsoft Dynamics Operations Dynamics Hour October 2012 Topics


    The Dynamics Hour offers partners a monthly training opportunity where subject matter experts deep dive on one or two Operational topics. The October 2012 calls will be held during the weeks of October 8 and 15.

    Topics include:

    • For The Americas Region: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Operational Training / AX Retail automation (for Brazil only).
    • For the Asia Pacific Region: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Launch.
    • For Europe, Middle East & Africa Region: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Training for partners.

     Learn more and register for the upcoming events through PartnerSource.


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