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December, 2012

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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Industry Summit 2.0


    Our United States Microsoft Dynamics Partner Team is excited to announce the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Industry Summit 2.0. Come together to build stronger industry connections amongst Microsoft and your peers!

    The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Industry Summit 2.0 will be held February 11 – 14, 2013, at the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Building upon the momentum and feedback from last year’s industry summit, we are also adding an emphasis on role based training by industry.

    By attending this course, you will gain:

    · Role-based skills transfer on Industry priorities, insights, tools, and resources

    · Insights for partners on deeper vertical strategy

    · Knowledge and connection points for ISV solutions that complete Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions for industry and/or vertical

    · Unlimited Microsoft-to-Partner AND Partner-to-Partner collaboration

    For specific details including registration information and sponsorship opportunities, please visit PartnerSource.

    In addition, the Advanced Presales Workshop will bookend the event. Learn more.


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    Microsoft Dynamics Road to Repeatability Call: Marketplace


    R2R Rally Group

    Join the December 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Road to Repeatability call focused on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

    The Dynamics Marketplace hosts over 21,000 visitors each month—so you can’t afford to miss being present on the site. During this month’s call, our team will review the criteria to get listed, available resources to help you write powerful solution profiles that get read, tips and tricks to boost your ranking, and details on how to access site analytics for your solution. Additional guidance will be provided, including a focus on testing and certification.

    This 60-minute session takes place December 19 at 11:00AM PT. Visit the Partner Learning Center to register.


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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 December Service Update Tech Chat Series


    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 December Service Update Tech Chat Series

    After very impressive attendance at our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Blitz earlier this week, we are inviting partners to join us for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 December Service Update Tech Chat Series beginning next week. This series of 5 events will continue throughout the month of January on a weekly basis.

    The announcement of the next Microsoft Dynamics CRM service update has generated amazing excitement – and questions- from our channel. This Tech Chat Series will provide an opportunity for ongoing discussion and Q&A between partners and Microsoft, leading up to the formal readiness courses and materials which will become available closer to the release.

    The format for the Tech Chats is as follows:

    · Partners can send questions related to the upcoming topic to up until one day before the Tech Chat.

    · Microsoft will consolidate the questions and start off each Tech Chat addressing what is top of mind for the Partner Channel.

    · Microsoft will then take written and/or verbal Q&A live, from attendees.

    Upcoming Topics Include (UPDATED DATES AS OF JANUARY 18):

    · Flow UI – December 20

    · Lync, Skype, and XBrowser – January 10

    · Infrastructure and Deploy – January 17

    · Activity Feeds and YammerJanuary 24 February 21

    · iPadJanuary 31 February 28

    All events will be held at 9:00AM PT and each last 60 minutes. Please register for the series on the Partner Learning Center.


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    Join us for a Microsoft Dynamics Growth Through Repeatability Clinic near you!


    Next month we kick off a hands-on, intensive series of workshops centered on planning for and executing strategic change in your business operations.

    Brought to you by your regional Microsoft field teams, the Growth through Repeatability Clinic will be offered in six cities across the U.S. in early 2013.

    The workshop is specifically targeted at partners who want to drive more impactful results in their ERP and CRM volume businesses through the adoption of proven repeatability processes and strategies.

    This hands-on workshop explores how rapidly changing buyer behavior is increasingly driving partners to develop volume solutions and repeatable business processes. The session will focus on the roadmap and practical tactics that other partners have implemented (globally) to build or improve their volume practices.

    Primary topics of discussion will be:

    · The financial and operational impacts of building a proactively volume practice

    · Staffing consideration for a new model - Building your team of the future

    · Milestones, Metrics and Action Plans for success

    · Today’s Buying Psychology

    · Accelerating the Sales Motion

    · Creating Demand in a Volume World

    · Differentiating in a Sea of “Like” Solutions

    · Defining your unique volume solution set

    · Reducing implementation risk

    Participants will walk away with a pragmatic action plan designed specifically to increase customer adds, reduce cost of sale and lower implementation risk.

    Who Should Attend: Representation from Leadership, Sales & Marketing is strongly recommended in order to effectively complete workshop exercises.

    Extend Your Learning!

    We are also offering several ‘add-on’ classroom courses around these events so you can take the plan you build in the clinic and immediately drive action around building repeatable demonstrations and accelerating your sales process.

    For registration details and venue locations, please visit PartnerSource.


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    Why Attend Convergence? Connect with Microsoft People—and More!



    Special guest post by Microsoft Dynamics partner: Matthew Woodward, SMBSuite

    There are many reasons to attend Convergence. But as David Letterman puts it, here are the top 10 reasons:

    10) Hear product and roadmap updates directly from the Microsoft product team. See the roadmaps in action and begin to plan for the technology.

    9) Meet with Microsoft executives and those you have talked with on the phone but never met.

    8) Receive information on last half offers before anyone else.

    7) Education! You know you are multi-tasking, only half paying attention to the online learning you have participated in. It will be worth your time to attend Convergence for the learning opportunity alone.

    6) Visit the expo and see the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace in action. Meet the companies behind the products. You will be surprised what you learn.

    5) Get your head in the clouds! There are many benefits to the cloud. Do you really know how much time and money transitioning to the cloud can save your organization? Do you even know what solutions are available?

    4) Networking. Meet other companies like yours and learn from them.

    3) Evaluating the possibility of purchasing Microsoft Dynamics solutions? There is no better place than Convergence to conduct your evaluation. Shh… but there are always good purchasing offers for prospects who attend.

    2) New Orleans! Great food! Great golf! Great weather! Great time!

    1) It would take you 12 months to accomplish what you can accomplish in 4 days at Convergence!


    Visit PartnerSource to download marketing materials, the Convergence 2013 Partner Guide, customizable email templates, and more.

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    Take Your Technical Abilities to eXtreme Levels by Attending eXtremeCRM 2013 Rome


    eXtremeCRM 2013 Rome

    billpatterson2-01_jpgeXtremeCRM is taking place, February 3-6, 2013 and is THE KEY practice development platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners. There is something for everyone at eXtremeCRM with specific content for LEADERSHIP, SALES, CONSULTANTS and DEVELOPERS. REGISTER TODAY!

    eXtremeCRM is the marquee event for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and I am excited to be delivering the closing keynote on Wednesday where you will hear the latest on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM roadmap including a preview of the Orion release and beyond.

    While eXtremeCRM delivers valuable content for all roles in your organization, I get excited about the depth of technical content that is delivered at the event. Driving growth is all about solving customer’s business issues and technical capability is the key. eXtremeCRM will deliver unique technical readiness opportunities not found anywhere else.

    The AGENDA is jam-packed with 300-400 level technical content. My team will be there to go deep on the Polaris release and you’ll learn how to solve tough problems from experts in the field who gained their expertise first-hand, from “the school of hard knocks”. You’ll walk away with real-life solutions to the challenges your customers face every day. With the knowledge and insight you’ll gain, you’ll continue to meet, and exceed, customer expectations!

    In addition to the great content there are some other great technical learning opportunities at eXtremeCRM:

    · Developers, be sure to participate in the eXtremeCRM APP CHALLENGE! Join a team and compete to see who can build the most compelling add-on app in 24 hours using the rapid application environment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As a participant, which costs nothing extra, you’ll learn from our experienced team of Microsoft developers as well as MVPs. You may even get to take home the bragging rights of building the winning app!

    · Consultants maximize your time out of the office and your T&E budgets by attending the PRE-CONFERENCE ISV TRAINING being offered as well!

    Still unsure about attending eXtremeCRM 2013 Rome? Here’s what Gaurav Kapoor, senior associate, technology consulting, McGladrey LLP, had to say about eXtremeCRM:

    “This was my first time that I attended the event, and I must say it was totally worth it. Sessions were informative, interaction with ISVs was very helpful, and the opportunity to meet with experts/partners was the highlight. I would recommend that anyone working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM plan to participate in eXtremeCRM 2013 Rome.”

    Don’t miss this event – REGISTER TODAY!

    Bill Patterson
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM PM Architect
    Microsoft Corporation

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    Get Ready for Microsoft FY13 December Quarter Close


    Once again the Microsoft Dynamics Operations Team has constructed some fantastic guidance to enable you to successfully close out the first half of Microsoft Fiscal Year 2013. Their number one request is to submit orders early and on time, and they have provided quick links to key resources within the Ordering and Operations homepage on PartnerSource.

    Also, per Operations, here are the top 5 additional actions partners should take at quarter end:

    1) Stay on top of renewals with Autobill

    2) Make sure all certifications are up-to-date

    3) Take advantage of your credit terms

    4) Request Partner of Record changes directly online

    5) Stay on track to make President’s Club

    Visit PartnerSource to access the Operations guidance in complete detail.


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    Microsoft Dynamics – Provide Inspiring Insights (VIDEO)


    See how this CFO gets instant insights and analysis on up-to-date financial and operational performance. You know your business- now learn how a business solution from Microsoft can help transform it.

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Enable Business Leadership (VIDEO)


    This CIO is rapidly growing and transforming his business as he expands operations into multiple geographies and new markets while leveraging centralized systems, existing investments, processes and best practices.

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Simplify Plant Operations (VIDEO)


    This COO is a master of complexity and a maven of efficiency. He relishes the chance to do more with less. To be connected and in control no matter where he is. Learn about how Microsoft Dynamics can help you unlock the potential of your people.

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