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December, 2012

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Connect Without Compromise (VIDEO)


    This manager of a Retail Chain loves being a trusted advisor and advocate for the things that enhance people's lives. In ensuring the customer get's what they need, when they need it. Whatever that may be. You might not know, or care, what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is but you do know your business and we hope you will be excited what we can help you with if you invest in a business solution from Microsoft.

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Capitalize on Talent and Catalyze Innovation (VIDEO)


    This Practice Manager is a master of both the complexity and fundamentals of business; of people, process and financials. Microsoft Dynamics can help your business deliver results.

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Simplify Plant Operations (VIDEO)


    This COO is a master of complexity and a maven of efficiency. He relishes the chance to do more with less. To be connected and in control no matter where he is. Learn about how Microsoft Dynamics can help you unlock the potential of your people.

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Enable Business Leadership (VIDEO)


    This CIO is rapidly growing and transforming his business as he expands operations into multiple geographies and new markets while leveraging centralized systems, existing investments, processes and best practices.

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    Microsoft Dynamics – Provide Inspiring Insights (VIDEO)


    See how this CFO gets instant insights and analysis on up-to-date financial and operational performance. You know your business- now learn how a business solution from Microsoft can help transform it.

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    Looking Back at 2012 and Forward to 2013


    Heading into the close of 2012, I want to send great vibes to the many Microsoft Dynamics partners across the United States (and globe) for your continued support of the Microsoft Dynamics solutions. I appreciate your efforts across all areas of the business, ranging from marketing, pre-sales, sales, implementation, training and support. You seriously rock!!

    During the last year on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community blog, you may have noticed the additional contributions from several guest bloggers. These guests are comprised of individuals from Microsoft as well as many thought leaders from throughout the Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem. I’m excited to continue this trend in 2013!

    As we shift into the New Year, I’m thrilled to witness the continued Season of Launch, and I hope your customers & prospects are amped up to implement their new Microsoft Dynamics product releases.

    As always, thank you for staying on top of the latest Microsoft Dynamics news and events by following me. Enjoy your holiday season, and congratulations on a tremendous 2012!


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    Time is Running Out! The Big Easy / Cloud Easy Offers Expire December 31, 2012


    A quick reminder regarding two great offers set to expire soon.

    The Big Easy Offer 9

    The Big Easy Offer 9 ends December 31, 2012! US customers can earn subsidy dollars on qualifying On Premise Open license purchases that can be used towards additional purchases of Microsoft software or associated services from an eligible partner.

    Customers must make eligible On Prem Open license purchases by Dec 31, 2012. Review the list of On Prem licenses at here.

    Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the purchase date on the Big Easy Offer 9 site. Submit claims on behalf of your customers.

    If you have any questions, email

    The Cloud Easy Offer

    This offer enables US customers to earn subsidy funds on qualifying Microsoft Online Services subscriptions purchases. The subsidy funds can be used towards additional purchases of Microsoft software, Online Services subscriptions or associated services from partners.

    Customers must make eligible Microsoft Online Services subscription purchases before the offer ends on December 31, 2012. Review the list of qualifying Online Services here.

    Submit claims on behalf of your customers within 30 days of the purchase date on the Cloud Easy Offer site.

    We are confident these offers will help you close out on Microsoft opportunities! Thank you for your continued support of Microsoft’s customer offers.


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    Kati Unplugged: ERP On-Premises or in the Cloud? It’s All about Customer Needs


    Countdown to the Cloud banner

    A Blog Series for Microsoft Dynamics Partners by Kati Hvidtfeldt, US Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cloud Lead.

    Kati color 2004In the last two Kati Unplugged posts I’ve focused on the importance of the partner’s role in ensuring a successful implementation. That means understanding the customer’s situation, business challenges, and potential issues.

    Continuing on this theme, this week we feature ERP Senior Product Marketing Manager Jay Manley’s perspective on the issues customers should consider when selecting a deployment model for their ERP solutions. Jay has worked in ERP for almost 2 decades in various roles including consulting, sales, and product marketing.

    This is part of the content Jay presented in his recent webinar, “ERP on Premises or in the Cloud: What's Right for Your Business?” from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP series for SMBs.


    I’ve seen a lot of change in the ERP space over the years. One of the more impactful changes is in the way people work on a daily basis. Right now, one billion people are working in some kind of mobile environment through a variety of devices, and those devices are constantly changing. Younger employees in particular demand the convenience of on-demand access to the information they need to do their jobs. Companies that don’t support them in the right way with the right tools will not only lose productivity, but will risk losing their younger workforce to competitors.

    Another change is occurring around how we think of infrastructure. We used to think of IT infrastructure in terms of the big data centers in corporate offices. But today even a couple of servers sitting in a back office can be considered a data center. For many companies, servers sit idle 85% of the time, and it can be hard to justify the expense.

    And a third change is around IT budgets. Systems age, and the people who work for you get frustrated if your company runs out of disk space or processing power, or if systems are preventing them from doing their jobs efficiently. Even for small data centers it can be complex and costly to maintain and replace the hardware and software every 2-3 years to keep systems running smoothly. Since 2000, IT budgets have been slashed. And an estimated 70% of IT budgets are being spent on server maintenance.

    This all boils down to a situation of more demand with reduced resources. Companies need to figure out how to address this challenge in a reasonable fashion. For a long time there’s been a debate on the benefits of maintaining on-premises systems vs offloading and outsourcing systems to a hosting provider in a cloud-based deployment scenario.

    Customers may have reasons to keep some systems internal to maintain full control. But they may still benefit from saving on infrastructure and expense by choosing a cloud model for other systems. And by handling expenses via predictable monthly charges, companies take a lot of guesswork out of budget planning.

    The good news is, Microsoft now offers deployment flexibility across our product offerings, even those typically thought of as being delivered on-premises. Now ERP deployment options for small and mid-size businesses are offered through a partner-hosted model as well as through an ERP system that is delivered not only on-premises, but also through a web client for remote connection—with no additional software required.

    With more choices available, it’s the partner’s role to work with customers to help them understand the best deployment mix—and how they can transform their businesses to take advantage of these new technologies.


    To view Jay Manley’s full on-demand webinar, with a Microsoft Office 365/Microsoft Dynamics GP product demo by Microsoft Lead Partner Consultant Jodi Christiansen, view the webcast “ERP on Premises or in the Cloud: What's Right for Your Business?”

    To learn more about how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business plans visit the Microsoft Dynamics Countdown to the Cloud page on PartnerSource. Go to for resources that demonstrate to customers how Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions can benefit their businesses.

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    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Is Now Available!


    Microsoft is excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. For more information please take some time to review Errol Schoenfish’s blog post on The Edge.

    Additional partner resources are found on PartnerSource:

    · Product Download

    · Launch Portal

    · ERP for SMB Campaign Partner Assets

    · Getting Ready for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

    · Pricing & Licensing Readiness

    · RAMP Training

    Congratulations to our Microsoft Dynamics GP product management team as well as the partner and customer ecosystem on the new release!!


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    How to Plan for Convergence 2013



    Special guest post by Microsoft Dynamics partner: Andy Vabulas, I.B.I.S., Inc.

    In my role as a Microsoft Dynamics partner, I have been to every Convergence except for the very first event held in Orlando, FL. Convergence originally started out as a 100 person event held in 1997 at the Buena Vista Palace – a facility that no longer exists. The originator was Doug Burgum, founder and CEO of Great Plains Software whose intention was to develop a community that encouraged partners and customers to build strategic business relationships. 

    What a great idea – a conference to bring people together to build relationships! Throughout the years, the conference has exceeded its original goal and has evolved to be so much more than a community gathering – it is an energetic forum that presents the attendee an opportunity to learn Microsoft’s directions, develop or enhance product skills,  and explore extended solutions all focused around the Microsoft Dynamics product lines.

    That said, the original intent of connecting and networking with peers is still very much alive and well which is the true secret to Convergence’s success.

    I absolutely LOVE attending Microsoft’s Convergence. It is my favorite Microsoft event and the best business conference in the market today, hands-down. For me, attending Convergence has begins with a ritual that involves proper planning in order to drive clients to attend and then delivering an over the top client experience. A great example of a Convergence client success is the November winner of Share Your Convergence Story contest. Michelle Martin Kocher from Delta Medical Systems, an I.B.I.S. client, shares her story on how she became a believer after her first attendance in 2009. Read Michelle’s experience here.

    It takes a bit of work to maximize your Convergence experience. You can’t fall off the turnip truck at the foot of Bourbon Street and expect to get the most positive Convergence experience. I personally take planning for this event very seriously and devote enough time upfront to insure I make the most out of the many opportunities Convergence offers. 

    Here are a few ways I plan for Convergence:

    • One of my favorite resources is the Convergence portal that I utilize to effectively plan my days. I see what time the keynote starts in the morning so I know how long I can sleep!
    • I study the agenda to see what sessions are being presented and who from the Microsoft ecosystem is presenting.
    • I gather my thoughts on my business priorities and determine who from Microsoft will be available to meet with me (to hear me rant or rave).
    • I look to my company’s leaders to guide me towards partner relationships that will enhance our service offerings for the benefit of our customers.  
    • Most importantly, I make it a priority to reach out to the friends that I have maintained for the past 15 years to see if they will be in attendance and schedule a time to reconnect.
    • Of course, Randy Forkner and I plan the annual legendary Randy and Andy Convergence Party!

    It is true that I will spend more hours awake than asleep while at Convergence – with some of my best meetings being held at the evening events. I will leave New Orleans utterly exhausted. Yet I will take with me a sense of energy that will passionately drive me over the next 12 months. I will leave with fresh ideas, answers to burning questions, and have new tools in my company’s solutions arsenal. Most importantly, I will have a list of new contacts and friends to add to my Outlook upon returning to the office. Priceless!


    Visit PartnerSource to download marketing materials, the Convergence 2013 Partner Guide, customizable email templates, and more. To stay up-to-date on Convergence developments sign up for partner email alerts.

    Enter the Convergence Share Your Story contest and you could win a $250 gift card - and a FREE PASS to Convergence 2014. Check out the full contest details.

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