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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Decision Maker (TDM) Deck

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Decision Maker (TDM) Deck

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM TDM deck is an all-encompassing presentation providing a technical overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Further sections within the deck drill into specific topics that contain detailed technical information needed for influencing the technical audience.  This deck is targeted at Technical Decision Makers (popularly known as TDM or ITDM).

Download the deck from PartnerSource.


  • The link provided is problematic...PartnerSource access is complicated and may not be worth the bother...FYI.

  • s.mcknight,

    PartnerSource access is granted to Dynamics partners and is the primary website used to store a variety of partner go-to-market and bill of materials comprising training, marketing, sales, implementation and support. Are you currently a Dynamics partner? Thanks, Kevin

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